The human body produces both metabolic  and digestive enzymes. There is a third type of enzymes which are called plant enzymes. Enzymes are extremely important to the digestive system. They turn the food we eat into energy so without enzymes your body may lack energy. As the body ages it is able to produce fewer enzymes so for example the digestive process is slower due to the inability of the body to produce enough enzymes fast enough and in a large enough quantity to digest the food you eat. So as you age you really should decrease you food intake per meal so the body can hope to keep up producing digestive enzymes to properly digest your food.

Digestive Enzymes

Supplemental enzymes for sale, or venta de enzimas in Spanish, from enzyme suppliers or proveedores de enzimas in Spanish can also help with the digestive systems if your body does not produce adequate digestive enzymes or you don’t consume enough foods containing digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the body’s organs like the stomach. The human body can produce twenty two different enzymes. Different digestive enzymes secreted by the digestive tract break down the food into nutrients and waste.

Metabolic Enzymes

The pancreas is the primary producer of metabolic type. Metabolic enzymes speed up the chemical reaction within cells. They help grow new cells and help maintain tissue. Enzymes help lower cholesterol, clean the colon and break down fats. They also make the blood cells active too. So eating raw foods like fresh fruits and vegetables helps  production. 

Enzymes And The Body Processes

It is important to know that enzymes are killed off when the food is cooked above 118 degrees so any foods that contain them that have been cooked such as meat will not be there anymore. So cooking destroys enzymes. What is cool about plant enzymes is like a fatty fruit like an avocado will contain just enough lipase which is a plant enzyme that breaks down fat to break down the fat in the avocado. Grains contain the enzyme maltase which breaks down the malt in grains so they can be digested. One enzyme the body does not produce itself is cellalase which breaks down the fiber in foods.

The Sale Of Enzymes In The Commercial Market

The venta de enzimas, or supplemental enzymes for sale in English, is a large commercial business. Enzyme supplements from proveedores de enzimas must be enzymes which contain plant based enzymes. This includes protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase. This type of enzymes or enzyme supplements is grown in a laboratory on plants which might be a barley plant or a soy plant. To purchase enzyme supplements you have to know what your body needs. For example one enzyme deficiency is lactose intolerance. As you grow from a baby a lot of people start producing less of the enzyme lactase which is the enzyme that lets you digest lactose. Lactase tablets can help or you can add lactase drops to the food. This is only one example where you can use enzyme supplements for sale.