Because there are so many types of foreign coins, you have a wide variety to choose from; it depends on the country you’re interested in. When you examine foreign coins and do research on the people and objects that are on the foreign coins, you can learn a lot about what a certain country experienced during certain decades. For example, if you see images of important soldiers on Mexican coins that date back to the early 1900s, you may be able to learn more about the Mexican Revolution that occurred in that era.

If you’re interested in learning about the different types of foreign coins that exist, visit a local coin dealer and ask if he can recommend the best foreign coins to collect. If he has an almanac about the structure of different countries’ economies, ask to read about the certain countries you want to collect coins from. If the dealer has foreign coins in his shop, ask about the prices and verify the authenticity of those foreign coins before you purchase them. Many coin dealer shops will be more than happy to price your coins free of charge.  Doing so is a good alternative to paying to have an appraiser appraise your coins.

Depending on the types of foreign coins and factors that determine the values of foreign coins, it’s important to know that you’ll probably pay a high price for the foreign coin collection. Here are some ways of getting funding for the types of foreign coins you want. If you belong to a numismatist organization in your city, ask if they offer vouchers to help you pay for the foreign coin collections. Another idea is to save part of your income every one or two weeks until you can afford the collection. You can write letters to nonprofit coin collecting associations and seek free grants for purchasing foreign coins.

If you’re interested in certain types of foreign coins but you know little about the country of origin, visit the library and check out books on the history and culture of that country. For example, if you want to collect South African coins but the only thing you know about South Africa is the terrible apartheid that occurred previous decades ago, read about other aspects of South African history such as its’ natural resources and the different tribes there.

If you have collections of various types of foreign coins, you can use these as décor for your room if you don’t plan to sell them anytime soon. If your basement has a Middle Eastern theme, take your Middle Eastern coins and paste them on a colorful rug with Arabic patterns. To complement this rug get a red or orange clay vase and place some flowers in it. Get a wooden table and put the vase on it. You can also have reddish-orange walls or light brown walls.

Another decorative idea for the foreign coins is to frame all of them and place the frame on the living wall. This is a classy way to store your coins that makes it easy for your house guests to comment and admire your collection.

Antique Coins

Serious coin collectors all over the world search for coins that are worth the most value to add to their collections. Antique coins can be a great addition to any collection, and the investment can be well worth the money that it costs to obtain such a piece. With special characteristics that are not found on other currency, antique coins are a piece of history that makes coin collections complete. From the internet to coin auctions and local dealers who happen to get lucky enough to have one in their store, antique coins are worth by far more money than any other currency.


Antique coins are coins that are no longer in circulation, and can include modern commemorative pieces as well as early dollars and cents. They are also made from all different kinds of metals and can be found from many different countries. These kinds of coins include characteristics such as missing numbers or letters, varying thickness and limited quantities, which is what tends to make them more valuable to collectors. There are things that serious collectors need to keep in mind when determining the value of antique coins, however.


The market for antique coins is always changing, and the same coin could be worth less today than two weeks from now. This makes it important to have any antique coinsappraised before you purchase them in order to be sure that you are not investing more money into them then they are worth due to inflated prices. An appraisal can also assure potential buyers of the authenticity of their antique coin purchase. There are many coins that may appear antique, which may not actually be “antique.” Once you have made your purchase, preservation is vital to making sure that your antique coins retain their value. Too much handling or cleaning can lower the value of the coins in your collection.


Although the value of antique coins will vary from time to time, they are a great investment and much sought after by serious collectors, and if there is a particular coin that is missing from your collection, the internet is a great place to start looking. Age is not necessarily a determining factor when classifying antique coins, so it is important that you know what you are looking for when putting a value on your coins. Many antique coins were minted in limited numbers, and because the number of these coins is limited, collecting means having patience and passion for the hobby that you have chosen. In order to find the antique coins with the most value, you must patiently research and keep watch for coins that other collectors are trying to part with, and keep in mind that the actual value of these coins can change from one month to the next.

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