General Foam Plastics produces several different types of illuminated Christmas blow mold decorations, including: Nativity scenes, Santa and Mrs. Clause figures, Angels, Carolers and Choir singers, Snowmen and many other types of miscellaneous Christmas figures.  These figures are for the most part painted with very good and colorful detail unless they have the “marble look” to them in which case they are unpainted.


General Foam currently manufactures several different types of indoor or outdoor nativity scene sets.  Within these sets you can see depicted on the face of the figures, the joy, peace and thankfulness in celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The smallest size is the Child Nativity collection, which depicts the Holy family, the Wisemen and Shepard as child like figures that are all 18 inches in height along with smaller sheep figures (unlighted).  There is also the Traditional Nativity collection, that includes the Holy family, the Wisemen, and Shepard that range in height from 28 to 36 inches (baby Jesus is much smaller though).  Animals included also are camel, sheep, donkey and cow figures which range in length from 18 to 28 inches.  There is also a Marble Nativity set which includes the same figures of the Traditional Nativity except that these are unpainted.  There is also a Deluxe Nativity set which is a very ornate and detailed set that includes the Holy family, the Wisemen, Shepard, and camel figures ranging from 30 to 40 inches in height or length with baby Jesus included in a crib.  Finally, largest among the nativity sets produced by General Foam is the Life Size Nativity set.  The Life Size Nativity set features the Holy family (with baby Jesus included separate from the crib), the Wisemen, Shepard, sheep and camel figures.  This set lives up to its classification as life size in that the adult figures (which are standing and kneeling) are 37 to 60 inches in height and the animal figures are 18 to 24 inches in height.  These General Foam blow molds representing the birth of Jesus Christ depict what the true meaning of the Christmas season really is and should be included in any Christmas display.


Depictions of Santa and Mrs. Clause include very colorful, joyful and jolly looking figures holding presents, sacks of toys, waving, etc. are also produced by General Foam.  These standing figures range from 31 to 60 inches in height.  However, you can also find Christmas blow mold decorations that show Santa driving his steam train and guiding his sleigh (pulled by reindeer) to deliver his toys to the children of the world.  General Foam also produces large illuminated Santa Clause faces great for hanging on large doors and walls that are 18 to 36 inches in height.


Very beautiful Angel figures are also produced that range in height from 18 to 40 inches in height.  These larger figures make a great addition to the General Foam Traditional or Life Size Nativity set as they can depict the Angel looking on the birth of Jesus.


General Foam also produces some nice sets of Caroler and Choir singers.  One Caroler set depicts a father, mother and child (2 figures at 38 inches in height) adorning an older style of English attire singing to celebrate the Christmas season.  There is another smaller Caroler set (18 inches in height) that also features a father, mother and child joyfully singing Christmas carols. There is also a boy and girl figure (2 different figures) that are 30 inches in height dressed in Choir robes singing hymns to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  These Christmas blow mold decorations make a very nice addition to any outdoor Christmas display


Figures depicting snowmen are other popular items that General Foam produces.  These joyful looking figures that seem to be delighting in the snow filled and wintry days of the Christmas season range in height from 18 to 46 inches.


Other miscellaneous lighted Christmas blow molds produced by General Foam Plastics includes: Church, Toy Soldier, Nutcracker, Drummer Boy, Elf, Penguin, Deer, Teddy Bear, Lamp Post, Candle and Candy Cane figures. 


General Foam Plastics is one of the few remaining producers of Christmas holiday blow molds.  These new nicely crafted, colorful and durable General Foam blow molds can be purchased from large retail and online sellers and will help to light up your Christmas display for many seasons to come.   All Christmas blow molds mentioned can be viewed from the General Foam Product catalogue found from the link listed in the Resource section.




Decorating For All Seasons – Product catalogue.  General Foam Plastics Corporation.

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General Foam Holy family, Shepard, and Angel

General Foam Holy family, Shepard and AngelCredit: BAfriendCredit: BAfriend

General Foam Derby Snowman

General Foam SnowmanCredit: BAfriendCredit: BAfriend

General Foam Life Size Nativity Shepard with Sheep

General Foam Life Size Nativity Shepard with SheepCredit: BAfriendCredit: BAfriend

General Foam Holiday Penguin with Red and Green Scarf

General Foam Holiday Penguin with Red and Green ScarfCredit: BAfriendCredit: BAfriend