A great selection of Easter holiday blow molds are produced by General Foam Plastics and include: Easter Baskets, Easter Toys, Easter Eggs, and illuminated Easter Bunny and Duck figures.  These General Foam blow molds can make a very bright and colorful addition to any indoor or outdoor Easter display.


General Foam blow molds include several different sizes, colors and shapes of Easter baskets.  These baskets each have handles and come in colors such as, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue and White as solid plastic or mesh perfect for carrying Easter candy and Easter eggs.  These baskets are ornately shaped, with some featuring the depiction of the Easter bunny along their sides and some in the shape of a Bunny rabbit.  These baskets are sure to delight any child.


Easter toys, such as little carts with various shapes are also produced by General Foam.  These small toy carts are shaped as a, Duck, Bunny, and Truck and come in the colors of Purple, Green, Yellow, and Pink.


Large and small blow mold Easter eggs are also manufactured by General Foam.  These eggs range from 5.25 to 14 inches in height in the colors of Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.  Some of these Easter eggs also feature an Easter Bunny depiction their side.  While these Easter eggs are not sold as illuminated figures, they can be adapted to do so by drilling a light hole into the back of the egg and using a light cord set to illuminate them.  These lighted eggs look great in an outdoor display at night.


A very nice selection of Easter bunnies and Ducks are also among the selection of General Foam blow molds.  These Easter bunny and Duck figures are designed to be lighted, featuring a light cord set and range in heights from 15 to 34 inches in height.  The largest figures are the Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit figures both at 34 inches in height.  These lighted Easter bunny figures, some of which are holding a basket of Easter eggs seem to have a very happy expression on their faces signaling the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday.


While General Foam is one of the few remaining North American companies that produces Easter blow molds, they do produce a large quantity of blow mold items that can be purchased at some larger retailers and through online stores.  And while these Easter blow molds do make very nice additions to lighted Easter displays, any display for the Easter holiday such display some type of acknowledgement of the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as this is the true meaning for the holiday.  This true meaning is often acknowledged with the display of large symbolic wooden crosses. 


In the Resource section below there is a link to the General Foam Plastics blow mold catalogue featuring each Easter blow mold item mentioned in this article.




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General Foam Mr. Rabbit Blow Mold(77144)
Credit: Photo By BAfriend