Hanging chairs are a great new trend. Whatever your personal style, you can bet there is a hanging chair that will go will meet your needs. These chairs are such a welcome breath of fresh air. They come in so many different colors and styles it is really great.

There is the bubble style. The bubble style hanging chair looks like a giant bubble that you can curl up inside. These bubbles come in such a variety of colors and design. The bubble style chair features an open front for sitting. There are removable cushions so you can change your colors or style whenever you would like. This is a great fun designsuitable for just about anyone who wants to have a little fun with their furnishings. This style is very popular with kids and teens alike.  All in all they are a really fun and different way to lounge.

The egg style hanging chair is similar to the bubble hanging chair.  The main difference is the egg style hanging is well, egg shaped. It has a narrow top and a larger bottom and like the round style it has the opening in the front and allows the person sitting in it to relax and sort of disappear within the chair. You may have seen this style of chairused in a egg commercial it was used because of its egg shape. This style of chair is perfect for those going that groovy retro 60's look. With that being said they can also mixed in with modern decorations for an eye catching modern look.

The macramé style chair is probably the one that comes to mind of people who are familiar with the relaxed style of the 1960s and 1970s. Macramé was a very popular craft in the 60s and 70s. People made planters and jackets and of course hanging chairs. Macramé is a craft where knots are created to make all kinds of crafty things. These chairsare now back. They work well with a great retro style room. They also work really well for a modern room. It really all depends on your own personal style.

The sitting hammock style of hanging chair looks like a small hammock. It works pretty much the same way as a hammock. It is easier to sit in a hammock chair than in a regular sling hammock.  With a hammock hanging chair you can sit in it with ease and relax and enjoy swinging and swaying in your own home. Just imagine sitting back andletting your mind go while you gently rock and relax in your home.

Changing the style of a room can be as simple as changing one thing in a room. A hanging chair in any style is a fun way to make the whole room look different without redoing your entire room. Hanging chairs come in so many different colors and styles that there really is one for just about everyone and every style. With that being said it is important choose the chair fits your home's particular look and style.

The Wicker Hanging Chair

One last form of hanging chair is the Wicker hanging chair. These chairs are made out of wood that is woven together to create a sort of basket effect that supports whoever is sitting on the chair. Such chairs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Understandably so as they create a rustic earthy look that those who aredecorating their bedrooms are attracted to. Typically these chairs are installed by either one of two ways. These chairs fit just about any home design but are ideal for homes with a lot of wood, i.e. wood paneles, wood shelving, etc. 

The first way is to have it actually suspended from your ceiling. This often involved the simple drilling of a few screws into your ceiling. The second way is to have they suspended from a stand that comes with the chair. The stand option is the easiest way to go although they might require a little assembly. If you do opt for the first option mentioned be sure that that the chair is secured strongly to your ceiling as poor installation can result in injury as well as damage to your ceiling and chair. If you need help installing your Wicker hanging chair consider speaking with a family member who is savvy in such departments or possibly even a handy man. It is not recommended to attempt to suspend these hanging chairs without the proper tools and basic know how.

When you go to purchase your chair you will be presented with a multitude of decisions and options to choose. The first would be what style of Wicker hanging chair you would like. Since they come in so many styles consider looking online or flipping through a catalog to see which will suit your bedroom the best. The second thing to consider when buying your chair is price. This is a huge variable as these chairs can range greatly in price. One can be found for as little as $50 or as much as $1,000. It really comes down to what style you want and which company you buy it from. One other thing to consider is where you want to buy your chair from. When it comes to this you have the option of either buying online or in person.

Many shoppers buy online due to the fact that it is more convenient and you are presented with a larger selection. The only downside to shopping online is paying the cost of shipping. Depending what model chair you purchase, you may end up paying a lot for shipping. Plus lets not forget the wait that incurs with buying online. It is for this reason that many prefer the instant gratification of shopping in person. Whichever means of purchase you choose, be sure to shop around. Doing so will guarantee that you find the perfect look and style of chair for your home's interior design.