The types of luggage you choose to purchase and use depends a great deal on how you plan to travel. The right bags can make a trip easier and far more comfortable. If you are planning for an upcoming vacation or business trip, it is important to know what you need to pack and how you plan to travel before shopping for luggage suppliers. In your search, do not forget to check out wholesale luggage sellers for potentially great deals.

Rolling Luggage

Most airlines are now charging for checked baggage, which is making the rolling flight suitcase ideal for vacations involving plane travel. They are designed to hold quite a bit, while being compact enough to be accepted as a carry-on. These bags usually come in black, gray, or dark blue, but as their popularity booms, luggage suppliers have started carrying more interesting colors and prints along with matching bolsos (hand bags in Spanish). This particular suitcase is easy to find when shopping through wholesale luggage sellers because they are so common.


For longer trips, or if you are traveling by car, traditional suitcases are sometimes more appropriate. Large suitcases can hold more than a rolling flight suitcase, and you may choose soft or hard cases. They can become heavy, and they must be carried by a single heavy duty handle. They are designed to fit easily in stacks of other luggage or items, so they are great for packing the car for a family vacation. Luggage suppliers handle fewer of these than they once did because of the growing popularity of other styles, but you can still find several options when shopping with retail or wholesale luggage stores online or in person.

Duffel Bags

Military personnel, boy scouts, and families on camping trips are a few examples of travelers who are better served by duffel bags than suitcases. While you do not want to pack dress clothes in a duffel bag, you will find them easier to carry and more convenient to use when you are staying in a tent or camper. They are soft and versatile, fitting easily into tight spaces when necessary. They are also easy to carry, often slung over a shoulder like a hand bag. Many luggage suppliers sell duffel bags for carry-on bags for plane travel. Wholesale luggage suppliers are great resources, as you can often find duffel bags at very low prices.

Garment Bags

Business travelers and folks taking formal attire on their trip are well suited to include a garment bag in their luggage collection. A garment bag is a long, flat piece of luggage that covers hanging garments, protecting them from wrinkles. They fold in half gently, guarding your clothes and keeping them fresh looking through the trip. Luggage suppliers will sell bags that fit inside your suitcase, bags with wheels and a handle, and simple garment bags that fold over and snap in place. If you do not find a garment bag that works with the rest of your current equipaje (luggage in Spanish), this could be an excellent item to seek out through wholesale luggage sellers.