There are different forms of Panama corporations and a Panama company can be established fairly easily because the government of Panama is encouraging foreign investment in the country of Panama. When you consider that the revenue from the Panama alone makes up a significant portion of the countries gross domestic product you can be certain that Panama has a very stable economy. The Panamanian economy is very competitive and if you are purchasing real estate in Panama you will find that process to be favorable to foreign investors as well. There are many tax advantages as well that you can take advantage of when you seriously consider starting a Panama corporation.

Corporate Types

A Panama corporation can use various endings like Inc Panama, Panama Corp., Corporation, Company or S.A. However whatever the ending of the corporate name there is not a legal difference between them. When you start a Panama corporation you can do it in the Named form or in the Bearer share form. Whichever forms you choose you do not have to worry about which form the shares are registered because that information is not reported in any type of public record. Furthermore Panama has a very strong banking system with strong secrecy laws. The corporate books also are protected by strong secrecy laws. And Panama corporations can conduct business either inside of Panama or outside of Panama equally as easily.


Panama foundations are another form of company that can be established in Panama. There are some benefits to having a foundation as there are benefits of having a Panamanian corporation. A foundation actually has no legal owner. The Panama foundation actually has a strong layer of protection for the purpose of protecting any assets owned. You can’t get a court judgment to disburse all of the funds from a foundation because there is no legal owner of a foundation. A foundation can own a bearer share corporation. A foundation can also own assets like vehicles, property and bank accounts. However for a foundation to benefit form any and all of the laws benefiting them they must be set up in accordance to all laws of the country.

Some Requirements For Corporations

After a company has been incorporated it only needs one shareholder. There are no minimum capital requirements nor are there other filing requirements unless the Articles are changed after the corporation is established or if the corporation merges with another company or the corporation undergoes dissolution. A Panama Foreign Corporation is considered registered in Panama so long as it has the Articles of Association translated into Spanish and notarized and this has to be deposited at the Public Registry Office.

Other Requirements For A Panama Foreign Corp

Other items that have to be deposited at the Public Registry Office for a Panama Corp is the Board minutes authorizing the Panama registration for the inc Panama. Also deposited must be copies of the current financial statements plus a certificate confirming proper organization per the laws where incorporated and issued by a Panamian Consul.