It is difficult to choose the  best type of Belgian beers. There are well over 700 Belgian beers made in monasteries, abbeys and small family-owned breweries. Such time and care goes into brewing top Belgian beers. These Belgian beers are some of the most popular and talked about the most by beer aficionados. It really does come down to personal favorites, there are so many types and flavors to try, it would take more than a life-time.

  1. Chimay beers are world-wide favorites. Created by Trappist Monks in Southern Belgium, one of several brews that make the list. It has a deep fruity body. WIth hints of nutmeg and thyme it makes for a delicious spicy brew.
  2. Leffe Blond is malty and strong. It is fragrant with an orange-like flavor and scent, bright and refreshing.
  3. Leffe Brune has a hit of grass flavor. Also brewed in Leuven near Brussels. This is a popular Belgian brew with dark, full of body and earthy aromas.
  4. Westvleteren 8 has a hint of apple flavor. Allow the flavors to mature in the air, it’s like a warm dark brown bread. Full-bodied and strong, with a chocolate-like aftertaste.
  5. Westvleteren 12 is flavored like a creamy gingerbread dessert. Richer and more fruity than 8. It has a nice blend and balance of flavors. It is sometimes difficult to find. 8 and 12 are made at an Abbey in West Flanders.
  6. Floreffe Prima Melior one of the Floreffe dark brews. A hint of nutmeg melts in this bitter burnt-flavored malt, a popular favorite, one of Belgians best beers.
  7. Floreffe Dubbel. A luscious blend of chocolate and cola flavors in this dark Belgian beer.
  8. Orval a favorite top ten Belgian beers choices for many. Heavy on the hops a delightful refreshing taste sensation made in a monastery.
  9. V Cense is new from Jandrenouille. A bitter grapefruit pith flavor that many Belgian beer lovers rave about. Bitter and sweet with Jasmine and cranberry flavors.
  10. Kwak is a Flemish blend of Belgian beer. Sugar-sweetened amber ale that is served in an elegant hour-glass mug.