Organizing Your Closet

Closet Organizing Tips


Since closets are storage spaces inside the house, the most important thing to keep in mind as you organize them is to stand back and realize how this one closet functions with the rest of the home. Frequently, people try to organize a closet by drawing everything out and tidying it up then shoving it back in. This will only rearrange the closet, but it will not organize it.

Alternatively, be sure you know the purpose of each storage closet in your home before you start your total burn down. When you know the function of the closet in question, collect all related items all over the house, see to it the closet will hold the size and quantity of those items, and only then you will begin to load that closet.

Children's Closets

You might believe your children's clothes closets must be smaller versions of your own process and storage, but they're more prone to season-of-life changes than yours. When your kids are quite small, they'll require more dresser or drawer space than hanging space since most of their clothes can be folded up. During this time the closet may be utilized for toy, equipment, and blanket storage. As your kids grow, their clothes would too, and they'll likely start to demand hanging space. As this happens, be ready to reconfigure kids' closets or dressers or both and adapt with the times. In kids closets and in the rest of your closets, if you are able to observe when change took place and reposition your system consequently, you'll stay on top of home order.

Linen Closet

Another common closet is the linen closet, where you store bedding, pillows, sleeping bags and towels. If you have loaded all your linens into this closet from all over the house and still have a lot room, you can consider allowing extra room for more linen acquisitions or extending the linen closet's purpose to admit something else. Putting in first aid and medicines in a linen closet would get these items out of damp bathrooms and give easy access. Make sure to keep them unreachable by little ones to ensure safety.

Activity Closets

Some of us are lucky enough to have plenty of storage and can specify our closets to store our unique possessions. For the family that loves to play a lot of games and has a closet close to the family room or bonus room, a game closet may be a great place to keep all the puzzles and board games and video games. Creative folks who love making things or folks who have small children to entertain often desire a craft room. Since a lot of people do not have an extra room for the role of arts and crafts, the next best thing is oftentimes a craft closet that holds all their supplies and materials. Scrapbook lovers or those who wish to keep their photos organized could dedicate a closet for the purpose of stashing away memorabilia.

As you can see, closets are the basic storage of the household. They're convenient because they are generally scattered all over the house. They offer quick access to often used items. For these same reasons, we often abuse them with our stashing habits. If you want to solve closet clutter for good, you will need to take the time to assess the household as a whole and specify the purpose of each storage closet. When you undergo this process, your disorganization will start to disappear as your closets serve their own intentional, unique, and orderly purposes.


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