Ecological-DaipersCredit: Vera KratochvilOnce, a parent who wanted to use cloth diapers on their child had one choice.  But today there are a number of cloth baby diaper options available for parents to use.  There are so many options that you may feel a bit lost when confronted with all the choices available to you.  Worse yet, cloth diapering enthusiasts have developed their own jargon that can seem off-putting to new parents.

With this in mind, here are a few cloth diaper options explained.

Flat Diapers

The flat diaper is what most parents think of when they think of cloth diapers. These diapers are simply large squares of single-layer fabric. Parents who use flats fold them so that the thickest part of the diaper is in the center where the baby urinates.  Flat diapers may be pinned on the baby, or stuffed into a diaper cover.


Prefold cloth diapers are the next generation of diaper from the flat diaper. Like a flat diaper, prefolds are flat sheets of cloth. But unlike flat diapers, prefolds have a thicker layer already stitched to the center of the cloth. Unlike flat diapers, prefolds do not need to be folded to create an absorbency layer for the baby. This makes folding the diaper to fit the baby simpler.

All In One Cloth Diapers

An all in one cloth diapers (sometimes called AIOs) are the closest thing to disposable diapers that a cloth diaper can get. These diapers are constructed like a disposable diaper, with the absorbent layer sewn into the diaper permanently. The advantage of an AIO cloth diaper is that it is as easy to use and fits as well as a disposable. The disadvantage is that the diaper can be very thick and may take longer to dry.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Fitted Cloth Diapers are sometimes called contoured diapers because they give a contoured fit around the legs and waist. These diapers have a band of elastic sewn to the opening areas and snap or Velcro closures to create the snug fit. These diapers will generally need a waterproof cover to contain wetness. However due to the snug fit, the diapers are not prone to leak.

Although this is a list of several types of cloth baby diapers, it is no means complete. For more cloth diapering options, refer to this article.