I have always enjoyed going to dances. I went to most of the dances we had when I was in high school and even in college I went to dances. I dance at bars and I dance in the shower. As much as I like to dance there are a few types of dancing I have never done and would love to get some dance lessons to learn how to perform some of these dance moves.


Salsa uses some awesome Latin music and Latin inspired music. The men I envision dancing with me are dark skinned and muscular as they guide me around the floor with their hips jarring mine in one fluidly smooth move.


I first got interested in Square dancing when I see the movie starring Paulie Shore called "Son in Law". Square dancing with a good "caller" can be very addicting music.

The movements of Square Dancing seem very foreign and alien like to me. How do all these country bumpkins know how to square dance so well? Yes, I know that is a stereotype but then again I have never been in Little Cuba in Miami and seeing the Latin Hunks square dancing.

Line Dancing

It seems so simple, yet I cannot ever do it. I always bounce off the people next to me and end up facing the wrong direction. There are countless types of line dances available but I would like to get some lessons so I could simply learn one of the line dances and so it with vigor and be facing the correct way when I was done.

Flexable DancerBallet

When the ballet dancers lift their leg up and touch their forehead without toppling over I am simply amazed. I do not want to be a professional ballet dancer as I find it kind of cheesy. I would however like to take some lessons and learn how to touch the toes of my feet to my forehead. This would be a cool trick to pull off at a country bar after a line dance.


Stomp the Yard was a great movie. The traditionally black fraternities and their "Stomping" dances are pretty cool. I would love to be able to learn how to stomp like the boys.

Break Dancing

Break Dancing was hot back in the 1980s and swept the country by storm. I would love to be able to twist on my head while listening to some old school beats. I would even wear the shirts with the metal zipper on the shoulders.

Dancing in any form can be an art form but more importantly it can be fun. If you like to dance then simply get out on the floor and dance.Image Credit (Picasa/Liêm Phó Nhòm)