There are so many different options and designs of deck fire pits available for you to choose from that finding one that perfectly suits your patio or deck should be very easy. Regardless of whether you are looking for something practical that you can use for warmth and cooking meals outdoors or you simply wish to add a bit of visual ambiance to your back yard get away, there are a wide variety of choices to best suit your needs. The most popular type of deck fire pit on the market today consist of a shallow hand beaten copper bowl or pot that rests on a wrought iron stand. These best selling deck fire pits are based upon a very old and ancient design which you will discover more about later on. This deck fire pit design is popular due to its versatility and unique character due to its handmade process.

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A type of firepit that is also quite popular for various reasons has a chimney shaped piece that is positioned above the fire pit that allows for the ventilation of the smoke up and out of the faces of those enjoying its warmth. The name for this type of firepit is the copper chimnea and it is a very practical design that helps to prevent you and your guests from inhaling smoke or being covered by soot and ash. Though, as stated previously, the most popular firepit design consists of a copper bowl that sits on top of a stand that is comprised of wrought iron. These deck fire pits are praised and sought after for there unique looks as well as the wonderfully practical nature of their overall design. Which is what most people find aesthetically pleasing about these particular deck fire pits. This is probably due to in part to the overall ancient looks that the combination of the hand beaten copper bowl and wrought iron stand provide. Indeed, there is something very primeval about enjoying the warmth of a fire that is set in one of these types of deck fire pits. Copper pot deck fire pits also work well doubling as a piece of wonderful metal sculpture that wondrously accents any backyard, deck, patio or garden. These copper fire pits also possess a marvelous practicality as well as an amazing versatility. Due to their very simple design, they can double as a great many things beyond their use as deck fire pits.

One of the things that copper deck fire pits can double as when they are not being used for fire is a planter. They are perfect for growing flowers and small plants in during the off seasons when you will be too busy sipping lemonade to be requiring a fire on your deck. There are also other materials with which one can construct a suitable outdoor fire pit. These include: brick, stone, stainless steel, concrete that has been reinforced with fiberglass, and clay. You have the option of choosing a deck fire pit that burns a particular fuel source as well. There are some deck fire pits that are capable of burning natural gas or propane and other fire pits are capable of using wood for fuel. Outdoor firepits that utilize a gas for fuel usually require a small bed of lava rocks for the flame to burn above. This is because lava is capable of withstanding the heat of the flames and they help to create more of radiant heat as they distribute the warmth more evenly around the fire pit.

It is interesting to note that the copper bowl deck fire pit design that has become the most popular trend in outdoor fire pits is based upon an ancient design that originated in a region of ancient Mesopotamia that is now known as the country of Turkey. It is partly due to the pleasing aesthetics of this ancient design model that there is a sudden resurgence in its popularity. There seems to be a tendency toward returning to an overall simple design pattern because it is so appealing and easy on the eyes. This particular type of deck fire pit consists of a copper brazier that is hand beaten into a shallow rounded shape similar to a pot or bowl. This shallow pot is then placed upon a stand that is made from a sturdy bit of wrought iron.

There are various reasons as to why this particular design of deck fire pit has become so widely popular. It is partially due to the appeal of its ancient aesthetics but it also because of the practical nature and versatility of its design. The highest quality and priced copper outdoor firepits consist of a hand wrought copper surface that does much to add a quality of uniqueness and adds a rustic nature to their overall looks and feel. Originally it is thought that copper was chosen by the ancient Mesopotamians due to their discovery that the metal was easily malleable whether it was cold or hot. This meant that it could be easy hand beaten into any shape without the use of a forge. Thus they began to bang pieces of cold copper into a variety of useful and practical shapes. Eventually the ancient Mesopotamians began hammering them into bowl shapes that could be used as braziers for cooking food and heating water. The wrought iron stands of the modern copper deck fire pits is what sets them apart from the ones that were originally created in Mesopotamia as theirs rested in earthen pits. Copper deck fire pits are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes. They can range anywhere from nine to over thirty inches in diameter.

Some models even have legs that fold up for added portability. Copper deck fire pits have another practical trait. Copper is a metal that is capable of distributing heat evenly. Which is why some cooking pots have copper bottoms. Because of that, copper fire pits are great for cooking out with.

Copper fire pit offer a large number of advantages and pleasing traits when compared with other deck fire pit designs. Ease of setup, storage, and the fact that they are highly portable makes copper deck fire pits the perfect choice for camping and other family outings. So there are a large number of options available when it comes to choosing an outdoor firepit or deck fire pit but the copper fire pits seem to offer the most advantages overall. Really it simply depends on whether or not your are looking for a portable solution or something much more permanent.