When someone typically thinks of buying equipment for going fishing they don't usually think of fishing hooks.  They usually think of fancy Shimano rods, Strike King lures, Daiwa reels, or fishing waders.  Unfortunately, most people neglect to think of one of the most basic and important pieces of fishing - fishing hooks.

Fishing hooks are a very important part of your tackle selection, and contrary to popular belief, there are many different types and you should make sure you are using the best kind for the style of fishing you are doing.  Without the right type of fishing hooks, you may be missing out on the catch of the day.  Why take this risk when all it takes is a few dollars to go out and buy the best type of fishing hooks needed for your trip at the local discount fishing tackle shop?  A great online store for buying fishing hooks is Fishing Tackle Unlimited.

Bait Hooks - These are pretty much the standard type of fishing hooks and depending on the brand and the type may have a little extra "jag" or curve in it.  They may have a barb on it to help keep bait in place.  Also, these fishing hooks are the best type to help kids learn how to fish.

Treble Hooks - Found on many artificial baits and lures especially Rapala lures and Heddon lures, treble hooks feature three bends and points in one hook.  This increases your likelihood to hook fish as you have triple the number of places a fish could get hooked and they are pointing in three different directions.

Slwash Hooks - Slwash hooks are what you typically imagine when you think of fishing hooks.  With a long straight shaft and point, these hooks have a straight eye so that they will sit correct on lures.  Often used on spinnerbaits, some fishermen replace standard treble hooks on lures with Slwash hooks to avoid getting tangled as much in weeds and other vegetation.

Aberdeen Hooks - Abberdeen hooks are made of lighter and thinner wire than Slwash hooks.  This gives them two distinct advantages.  First, they do less damage to your bait so it stays livelier and secondly they are a little bit bendable so if you are snagged on something it is easier to yank it free.

Circle Hooks - Circle hooks are widely popular among bait fishermen.  The reason for this is because it prevents "gut hooking" when catching fish.  This is more humane for fish and easier to unhook fish for fishermen.

These are just a few of the basic hooks that are most popular among fishermen today.  There are many more hooks available for all different styles of types of fishing.  To learn more about all the different types of fishing hooks available, you should check out your local wholesale fishing tackle shop and while you're there ask someone some crappie fishing tips or possibly tips on how to catch bass or how to catch trout.  You will be very glad you did!