One important thing that people forget to learn when they find out how to fish for bass and how to catch bass is what types of fishing lures for bass they should use.  They think that because they know how to catch trout and some trout fishing tips that the same trout lures could be used as fishing lures for bass as well.  This unfortunately is false most of the time.  While there are some fishing lures for bass that can be used for other fish such as trout as well, usually the technique if not the whole lure is unique to bass fishing.  The most important thing you should remember is that what lure you use to fish for bass should depend on what the weather is like.  There are different types of fishing lures for bass you should use in the cold weather, and different types you should use when it's hot outside.

Cold Weather

In cold weather, to stay warm bass usually stay up at the surface of the water.  Because of this, it is best to use spinner bait or even live bait such as minnows.  Most advanced fishermen that I have talked to really like using live bait during the colder months as they feel that they have had more success with it than lures.  However, if you choose to use lures, I would recommend Rapala lures, Heddon lures, or Strike King lures.  Also, if you are using live bait, don't forget to bring along fishing hooks and fishing rod holders!  It may seem obvious, but many fishermen, new and advanced alike forget this quite often.

Warm Weather

In warm weather, bass do just the opposite of what they do in the cold weather.  Instead of staying at the surface where it is warm, they dive down to the deeper parts of the lake where it is cooler.  Also, they stay in shady areas possibly covered by overhanging tree branches and other shrubbery.  In order to fish in these areas, it is most easily accessible by fishing boat, though it is possible to do so from shore.  In order to have your lure get seen by as many bass as possible, you want your fishing lures for bass to go as deep as possible.  This is why many experienced fishermen use plastic worms or heavier fishing lures for bass that they can bounce along the bottom of the lake to attract bites.  Fishermen also like to use live bait during the summer as well.

Where to Get Fishing Lures for Bass?

Fishing lures for bass can be found in almost any discount fishing tackle shop, but my favorite website to buy wholesale fishing tackle is Fishing Tackle Unlimited.  It has a great selection of bass fishing lures and even better customer service!  They also sell many other pieces of fishing equipment such as Shimano rods, Shimano reels, Daiwa reels, Penn reels, and fishing waders.

I hope that you have learned a lot about what fishing lures for bass are best.  Now it is time for you to head out and start experimenting with what works for you!  Make sure to take along a camera and video camera so you can take bass fishing videos and fishing pictures of your trophy fish!  Good luck!