Find out what are the main types of fragrances

Fragrance categories change constantly, gaining more and more features each year. Today there are 6 main families, each having various subcategories. When you buy a fragrance it is important to know what type you choose, because its scent has to fit you and your lifestyle.

Citrus sent

This fragrance type is very popular and it fits most of women. Its scent is light, refreshing, energizing and enjoyable. It is proper for work and every-day use. If you don’t know what is best for your personality or you’re buying it for someone else, you’ll not fail with this one.

In its composition are used citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin.  It’s perfect for those who like lively flavors and don’t want to use overpowering fragrances. This family is often combined with floral and chypre type and can be used by women and men.

Floral sent

This is the largest category in fragrance industry. It also might be the oldest one, because when Egyptians created first perfume, they were using different flower extracts and oils. This scent is created from flowers, such as roses, orange blossoms, lily of the valley, lavender, gardenias, jasmine and carnations. These are often mixed together creating a balanced and unique bouquet, or manufacturers choose only one flower and create simple but charming smell.

 In this category one can find most expensive perfumes in history. This type of fragrances is easily combined with stronger families, adding spicy, fruity or woody notes. Floral scent is light and feminine, great to use in spring and summer.

Chypre sent

This type of fragrance appeared when Francois Coty, a French business man, created a fragrance called “Chypre”, as his olfactory vision on Cyprus Island. It became very popular in 1917. It has strong woody and mossy elements, usually with warm notes, like sandalwood and patchouli but also dry, like cedar. This family is very well combined with light floral or fruity elements or with pepper, nutmeg, dry leather and tobacco aromas.

 A smell like this might enchant with a pleasant flavor of bitterness. This type is used successfully in fragrances for men, with addition of lavender and citrus scent. Also, it has a lot of subcategories like : chypre-citrus, chypre-leather, chypre-fruity, chypre-green.  

Oriental sent

Originating from Egyptians and Indians, this type of fragrance has a strong mix of spices, balsams, amber which lasts long. This scent is known for its exotic, warm and sensual nature, this why it is preferred for women’s fragrances. Musk and vanilla notes make this scent romantic and mysterious. Added nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, carnation, lily of the valley and clove create unique flavors and quite famous perfumes too.

This scent was very popular in 70’s and 80’s, but today there are many choose this scent, because of its strong, feminine and complicated nature. Specialists recommend this scent in winter time, for its lasting and warming effect.


Fougere means “fern” in French, but this name has nothing to do with fern’s smell. This scent was first created 1885 and since then have a continuous success in fragrance industry. It has pleasant combination of fresh herbs, mossy ferns and flowers.

It is fresh and sophisticated, that catch attention of both men and women. Bergamot, mint, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, musk, geranium are perfect combination for this type. Also it can have a cheering aroma of fresh hay.


This smell has a fresh and sweet nature. Usually it can have citrus, peach, melon, raspberry and cherry tones. There are fragrances with mixed flavors, or just one, but in both cases it is a spirited and enjoyable smell. It is easily combined with other families, too. It is best for teenagers or young women.