There are so many different types of frogs in the world.  All frogs are different and unique in their own way.  It is important to consider all of the different types of frogs before buying a pet frog.

African Clawed Frogs: These frogs are from Africa and their scientific name is the xenopus.  The African translation of the word xenopus means strange foot.  These frogs have 3 points on their back leg which is why they are named this.  These types of fish are kept in an aquarium that is filled with water and are not meant to have any land to walk on.  These are very easy frogs to maintain and are great for first time pets for kids.  They require little care and they only need to be fed and have their water changed every so often.

Tomato Frogs: These are fun frogs to have because they are very bright colored.  Tomato frogs got their name because of their red orange color.  The life expectancy of tomato frogs is 6-8 years and they really are not that active, so you can hold them without worrying about them jumping out of our hands.

PacMan Frogs: These are one of the favorite frog species that kids love because of their appearance and their name.  PacMan frogs are usually yellow in color with red eyes and look kind of round.  These frogs can get to be 4-6 inches so they get pretty big.  This is a great frog for those who are beginners in reptile and amphibian care.

Dwarf Frogs: Dwarf frogs are great pets for kids since they are one of the most simple frogs to care for.  They are fairly small as a fully grown dwarf frog only gets to be 1-2 inches.  You can keep a filter to make sure the water in this frog’s tank stays clean or you can make sure that you change it once a week so it stays fresh.

Fire Bellied Toad: Many people love having these frogs as pets because of their long life span.  This species of frog can live up to 10 years.  This is longer than some furry animals.  These frogs are extremely beautiful and bright.  They mostly live in a dry area, but water should be provided for these frogs at all times.

Tree Frogs: You may find tree frogs outside, depending on the area you live in.  Tree frogs are green and can change their complexion to blend in.  They can be a dark green color and almost brown and they can also change to a bright beautiful green color.  These types of frogs have sticky pads on their toes and can attach to the wall, window etc. as they climb.  This is a very neat type of frog and makes a fun pet. 

This is just a small list of the many frogs that are in existence.  These are the types of frogs you could keep as a pet in your home.  You wouldn’t want to keep just any type of frog you see outside as a pet.  They require proper care and temperatures and just wouldn’t survive out of their natural habitat.