It is a daunting task to come up with the best types of German beers since Germans do it well. No beers compare to the taste and variety in beers that are made in Germany. Most of the best-selling types of German beers are made in tiny villages and towns, nestled in the remote hills and valleys of the land. Going to Germany, even for a short day or two jaunt will astound you, when witnessing the importance that beer plays in their daily lives. Start with what many consider the  best types of German beers, then keep adding your own favorites, too.

  1. Lowenbrau is brewed in the city of Munich. There are several types of the Lowenbrau brand, they are of the highest-quality. Pilsner, Dunkel and Marzen are a few of the beer types that have been brewed here since the 14th century. A favorite German beer at the famous Oktoberfest and served there since 1810.
  2. Krombacher is brewed in the little town of Krombach. This is a light-bodied pale color Pilsner and is a popular favorite in Germany.
  3. Paulaner, originally brewed by monks in the 17th century. This old-style beer now made in Munich uses the same original recipe from the cloister. An appealing amber looking brew with a heavy body and bittersweet taste.
  4. Bitburger was first made in the 19th century. A top-seller in Germany this beer is made in a small town with a population of around 12,000, the town of Bitburg. German brewers often name their homemade beer after the town it’s from. This is an enjoyable and light Pilsner brew.
  5. Erdinger is brewed in the town of Erding. This is one of the largest wheat breweries in Germany. There are several types of beer made under this brand name, some of them are: Dunkel,  Weißbier, Schneeweiße, and one version is alcohol-free.
  6. Warsteiner is a high quality German beer. They are the largest privately-owned and run brewery in the country. They boast a very popular light-bodied Pilsner and top-selling dark Dunkel.
  7. Jever is made in the capital of Friesland. The town of Jever has produced this light and best-selling brew since the late 1800’s. The German beer finally gained attention in the 1930’s when it became popular worldwide.
  8. Beck’s has worldwide recognition for beer lovers. Brewed near the Weser River in the town of Bremen. It has more of an internationally appealing taste, different from most ale flavored German-made beers.
  9. Veltins is made in the Ruhr Valley. The Veltins family took over and renamed the brewery in 1852. This is one of the finest Pilsners in all of Germany.
  10. Hefeweizen is a favorite German wheat beer. A cloudy, straw-colored brew that is--first on the best beer list--for many. This Bavarian-style brew has a unique taste from the wheat, one of the German beers that must be tasted and savored at least once.