When it comes to hardware and tools, we can be a bit murky on the details. It's not our fault it's just that not many people actually have the opportunity to handle these particular tools and get to work with them by themselves. So, here are a few different types of hardware and what they do and what you should know about them.

Power Tools

These are the first type of ferreteria (hardware in Spanish) and they're also something that you definitely don't want to play around with. These are the type of tools that you could easily lose a finger to! The best part, however, is that they slice the time it would take certain jobs by several percentages. It's just ten times easier when you use power tools. Not to mention that there are all kinds that you can choose from—and a lot nowadays are rechargeable so you don't even have to worry about keeping them plugged in. Unfortunately, most of the time, these are quite a bit heavier than regular power tools. So, if you're looking for portability in order to sacrifice weight, these are the ways to go!

Hand Tools

Hand tools are pretty simple. They're like screwdrivers, saws, and other things that you only operate using your hand. You don't need electricity and these are usually quite a bit more portable than anything else. Not to mention that you also might find these a little bit more time consuming and they also might cause a bit of trouble if you're trying to get the job done and you can't figure out how you're going to do so when you need a little bit more muscle power. However, these are still great piece of hardware and they're definitely worth it if you need to quickly and efficiently get a job done, but don't have to have it done in two seconds.


As far as the materials go for tools and hardware, you have lots of different materials, from your regular old building materials to pretty much everything else that you might have in mind. Materials include wood, nails, vinyl siding, plaster, and whatever else that you happen to have kicking around. Unfortunately, materials are usually the most vulnerable and the most likely to need to be replaced, but all in all, it's pretty awesome when you have all of the materials that you need ready to go!


When you're able to combine all of these—the herramientas (tools in Spanish) and the hardware together, then you need to take the time to also plan everything out before you start hacking away. You have many great ways that you can build using these materials. Keep in mind that there are several different ways that you can build certain things and try to have a good idea of not just one or two methods, but three, four, perhaps even five or six! What are your favorite tools? Which tools do you wish that you had? Well, when it comes to the hardware, there are plenty of great places to find it!