If you are an avid hunter like I am, you know the importance of a sharp knife. There's nothing worse than shooting a nice animal only to end up getting frustrated with your hunting knife because it's dull. There are also some crucial safety issues when handling dull knives. Each rough stroke may pose a danger risk. That being said, hunting knives are something that every hunter needs and the knife needs to be good quality. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning the animal it will be hassle free with a good tool. There are many types and brands of hunting knives to choose from so I'll go over some of my top picks below.

Buck Knives

Bucks knives come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with. I always suggest a buck knife that folds into the handle so if you lose the case it's still safe to carry around. As far as the length, I would choose something with at least a 3-4 inch blade. This makes it easier to reach inside the deer and make your cuts. With fixed blade hunting knives, you must remember to keep the case with you at all times. Many people like these types of knives because they are very durable; they can typically last a lifetime for most brands.

Preferred Brands

There are two brands of hunting knives that I really like and recommend to anyone looking for a quality knife. Those brands are Stage and Gerber. Stage hunting knives are one of kind. They are not made in a factory like setting. They are actually all hand crafted by master craftsmen. No two knives will be exactly the same, but they will have the same quality. They are all extremely durable and will last forever. Gerber knives have been around forever and they produce some of the best knives in the world. They come with a lifetime warranty which pretty much guarantees the quality of Gerber knives.

Hopefully you got some good information about hunting knives with this short overview of my favorite knives. I hope you can find a good knife that will last you a lifetime.