What Can I Do With A Medical Coding and Billing Certification?

Medical Coding and Billing careers are in very high demand. Within the healthcare field there are a wide range of job opportunities in existence with many of them calling for highly qualified workers? The medical field itself is on a steady incline and so fields that support the medical field, such as Medical Coding and Billing is also on a steady incline.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a steady growth of up to 21 percent in the Medical Information Technology field up to the year 2020. A considerable number of the jobs which are in the highest demand are the ones which involve actual medical professionals who have hands on day-today responsibility of providing for patient care, while the others have  the most important job of working behind the scenes handling patient accounts, running diagnostics, and so on. Within the Medical Coding and Billing job sector, there are different types of jobs that can be obtained.

As far as medical coding jobs go, there are a wide range career opportunities. Each of them has its own uniqueness and each with its own pay grade. When you decide to become a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist, you also have to decide upon graduating or even after you have interned what you want to specialize in.  Your decision will be based on many different things, remember, each job offers different things such as, job security, good pay, and opportunity for advancement within the healthcare sector or within the particular company you choose to work for.

Because of the high demand, there is a good amount of choices for the new Medical Coding and Billing graduate.  So whether you decide to work from home, work for insurance providers, a doctor’s office, pharmacies, with lawyers, inside an elderly care, or with bigger hospitals, you will be able to find a nice comfortable niche.  For Medical Coding and Billing, specialization is important because the medical field itself is so broad and each sector practically has its own terminology and way of conducting business. This is why there are different careers within the larger Medical Coding and Billing career.

One of the profession which may be is mostly selected by candidates is really a Billing Specialist.  Billing Specialists are responsible for collecting, and processing claims from insurance provider, or even the patients.  As a part of the responsibilities, Billing Specialists also deal with complaints, and any issues dealing with billing and pricing of all sorts. Depending on your other skills and your employer, Billing Specialists may also be asked to do other complimentary work such as software related work, bank deposits, and even light administrative work.

Medical Coding Specialist is another job that a Medical Coding and Billing  graduate may want to enter as a niche. The Medical Coding Specialist manages medical records. Routine audits are performed to catch any errors and misinformation.

Job Information

It is important to realize that despite the fact that there are a wide variety of medical coding jobs, most of these jobs may not look like Medical Billing and Coding jobs just by their names.  You may have to find a good niche job by reading the job description. Within the job description you can see if the job entails medical coding and billing. 

Although there are some medical coding jobs which are entry level positions, this work may at times call for a highly skilled professional. The qualifications to work in the wide range of jobs would vary to some extent but they would all need something specific that include experience in billing and coding, experience working in a healthcare environment, specialized knowledge and experience with insurance or medical billing and coding procedures.

You can also search for your niche job by industry.  Certain industry have coding and billing jobs that may not be listed as coding and billing job, so you really have to check with these industries and then also read the job descriptions carefully. Some of the popular industries include:

 Medical Coding Arenas- This is the most obvious industry. There are wide ranges of options that exists people looking for a good coding specialist niche. You can really find a good career that pays wells, all depending on the individual’s experience, training, and education, as well as the hiring doctor or facility, and sometimes geographical location.

Medical – the areas that mostly need the medical coding experts are dentistry, cancer care, and pediatrics and of course hospitals and their medical records department.

  • Coding System – In the coding system the areas are the doctor’s office, nursing home or assisted living facility, or surgical centers.
  • Insurance – Along with private and public insurance companies, the medical billing expert is most likely to be asked to deal with insurance claims with Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Patients– this would include patients on an inpatient or outpatient basis, as well as those receiving emergency care.

Job Options

Based on the actual medical coding jobs, the following are some of the examples of some jobs you can get and some career paths you can embark on in this field.

  • Medical Billing Clerk – core duties for job include the maintenance of patient records specific to services, goods, and procedures given a given healthcare facility. Invoices will be generated and bills printed for payment from patients, as well as insurance providers, merchants, and various service providers.
  • Medical Coding Specialist –These professionals review medical documents, and key information regarding the patient’s condition during treatment.  The information is then translated by using numerical codes and transferring them into a diagnostic and procedural system, which will, allows insurance claims to be filed in line within federal government regulations.
  • Clinical Data Specialist –This niche involves the duties of reviewing, editing, and making corrections to data that the internal computer systems generated. 

 So when you are starting you career in Medical Coding and Billing it is important to note that you have many options.  You can do internships in different niches to see which one best suits your personality.  You can also speak to different job counselors in your certification program to see if they can help narrow down your choices.