There are a variety of mountain bikes on the market today and deciding which one best fits your need is a worrisome job as there are too many choices to make and prices to choose from. Depending on the type of writing style that you will do you'll want to choose between a mountain bike, a hybrid, and a road bike.

A mountain bike is used for hard terrain and off road type of riding. This type of riding requires the user to go over uneven train and dirt track. If you like this type of riding style then you will need to determine the best bike for your needs. If you are a beginner, then you might not need to look into front mountain bike forks that have a lot of travel. There are specific types of mountain bikes and choosing the right one will be based on the type of style that you want to perform.

The first type of mountain bike is a freestyle bike which is used for jumps, and shrinks. Downhill biking will give you more suspension on the front and back of your bike. Usually, if you are just a beginner, then you won't need suspension as the terrain that you will be writing shouldn't be too difficult. You might not even need one that has any suspension what so ever. If you enjoyed riding for exercise than you might decide to choose a road bike that is better suitable for your needs.

The reason why a road bike is good for people that enjoy exercising is that you can go at faster speeds as the tires are much thinner and men for strictly road riding. The last type of bike style is a hybrid which is also called a comfort bike. Comfort bikes are used for off-road and road bike functions as the tires are thinner than mountain bikes, but thin enough to cover a lot of ground while on the road. These bikes are also more upright so that it allows the user to be more comfortable while writing. These bikes also have suspensions on the seats, bigger seats, and suspensions on the fork for a softer ride.