Non-invasive liposuction can be a life changing procedure, especially for those patients who have severe phobias or other factors that may complicate a traditional liposuction procedure. There are several types of non-invasive liposuction procedures available in the medical world today that are both safe and effective. It is important for a patient to read thoroughly about liposuction pricing, the actual procedure, recovery and effectiveness of any type of non-invasive liposuction procedure. A doctor should also be consulted to answer any questions or address any concerns that a patient may have concerning an alternative to traditional liposuction.


The treatment known as mesotherapy began in France decades ago. Initially used in the treatment of pain and skin general skin disorders, it has become very popular in North America for the removal of cellulite. This non-invasive liposuction procedure involves the use of short needles injected into the problem areas. These needles deliver a special chemical solution, which allow the body to break down and expel fat. There are many things to consider with mesotherapy injections, but the cost and quick results and recovery time make it a popular option.

ThermageRemove Fat Cells with Non-Invasive Liposuction

The trademarked procedure known as Thermage is probably the most non-invasive liposuction alternative on the market today. It involves the use of radio-frequency waves passing through the body to stimulate collagen growth and renewal. This body-sculpting technique may smooth and tone the appearance of cellulite and tighten trouble spots. It does not really cause the body to shed fat, though, and for many people this is the real reason for liposuction. Thermage is FDA approved and for people with minor cosmetic issues, this technique can be a great alternative to surgery.

Laser therapy

Lasers have been used in traditional liposuction for years, but there is also a non-invasive method for using lasers to achieve similar results. Lasers are used externally on the affected areas to drive fat from the cells and once it has left the cell, the body can then expel it naturally. The results can be similar to traditional liposuction but are usually more like the results obtained from a healthy diet and moderate exercise. This result is also not permanent and must be maintained through diet and exercise. Laser liposuction actually removes the fat cells. The non-invasive method just drains them of fat. The fat can come back if the patient does not switch to a healthy program of diet and exercise. This method has a very quick recovery time and is pain free. It is commonly used on stomach, hips and thighs and will normally drop inches off of a patient.

For anyone wishing to body-sculpt or change the way they feel about their body, the use of a non-invasive liposuction procedure can provide a monumental change. Diet and exercise is still the best way to maintain a healthy body and positive body image, but American has already lost the battle with obesity. Many people have give up hope for ever losing weight and are looking for a fresh start. One of these non-invasive liposuction procedures may just do the trick!