Orchids are unique plants that have interesting foliage and beautiful blooms. The Orchid family includes roughly 25,000 different species that are found all over the globe. Many of these species contain thousands of cultivars. Today orchids are commonly purchased as houseplants and grown with great care and lots of love. Before you invest in an orchid of your own, take a minute to read about a few of the most popular types of orchids you'll likely come across.


The phalaenopsis is one of the most common types of orchids that are grown as house plants today. Most people will note that this particular type of orchid is rather easy to grow indoors compared with some of the more challenging species you may come across. You can find phalaenopsis in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Their blooms can be both small and large and can last up to several months at a time.


The blooms that Cattleyas produce are among the most spectacular of all orchids. Like the phalaenopsis, you can also find Cattleyas in a wide selection of vibrant colors. The blooms on these orchids can get pretty large. The Cattleya orchid is suitable for beginner grows to experiment with, although they do require a bit more care than a phalaenopsis.


There are two types of dendrobium orchids: evergreen and deciduous. The deciduous dendrobiums will actually lose their leaves during the colder months. Surprisingly, this is when the plant will sprout its buds all over the cane-like structures that remain throughout the winter. The blooms of dendrobium orchids are not often as showy as the ones you are likely to find on a Cattleya. With that being said, there is a great deal of variety available, and many are impressive.


Oncidium plants typically have smaller blooms, but they frequently are fragrant blooms that contribute to the growing popularity of this type of orchid. Many oncidiums will actually produce multiple spikes at a time for a particular impressive blooming season which can last for several months. Oncidiums are adaptable which makes them great for beginners.


Vanda orchids are easily recognizable thanks to their unique foliage. This type of orchid does not like to be potted and you will commonly seem them grown in wooden baskets where their roots are exposed to air. Many Vanda cultivars you will come across have spectacular, showy flowers that can get quite big. This is an orchid for intermediate growers to consider as its care requirements are a bit more intensive compared with others.