The secretary desk furniture style was something that was very popular in vintage design. It has recently really come back onto the design scene. Usually this is going to be better suited if you have a laptop or if you just need a workstation. It can be a little bit more expensive if you just want a desktop computer workstation. However, there are special pieces made just for computers that really mimic this more vintage style. This is one of the few pieces of furniture where you're really going to see a lot of quality materials. It doesn't have to be that expensive because it's not a large piece of furniture. However, since you are hiding away unsightly clutter the focus is going to be on the material that the secretary desk is made out of. This means that you might want to go with a higher quality piece for a true vintage effect.

This doesn't have to look like a desk. In fact we are seeing a lot of dresser styles. We are seeing a lot of more modern styles. This can be one of the trendier pieces because we are even seeing these types of furniture in entryways. This is perfect if you have an office in an open area of your home instead of a dedicated workspace. Most people will just think that it is just a piece of accent furniture.

If you are trying to update a secretary desk then it's important to go with handpainted pieces. This allows you to take the basic gothic or Queen Anne style silhouette that have always been popular but really give you more of a modern look. You might just want to go with a bright white finish. You can place it next to bookshelves and it can almost really mimic a built-in. Another option for you is going to be with a pattern piece which is important if you just have plain drawer fronts. In this case, you could try stenciling on a lattice effect. This is very popular in wallpaper. It's also a great option for furniture applications because it is going to use so much white and then it's going to relate back to a lot of the other neutral pieces in your space.

The last style of secretary desk furniture is going to use a hutch. It should really mimic a china cabinet. You might want to have glass doors on it if you're planning to use it for your printer or other unsightly equipment. This is going to be your most expensive option, but it also really provides you with more storage space as well.

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