There are many different advantages to solar powered lights. They offer cost savings because once they are bought, they require very little upkeep and will use absolutely no energy. They are also very energy efficient and are a green technology that will help reduce the carbon footprint of your house. They are also very easy to install. This is particularly true if you are planning on using solar powered garden lights.

Indoor Solar Power Lights

Even though you're inside, and can't get use a solar cell to light your home, you can still use the light from the sun through the use of solar skylights. These are essentially small skylights that you can install anywhere in your home. It can even be put in to bathrooms, to achieve natural bathroom light without having to have windows that compromise your privacy. Unlike regular skylights, they only require minimal work on the installation and can easily be put in during the course of a day.

Solar skylights are essentially a reflective tube the goes between the roof and the ceiling of the room you want to add light to. Mirrors and other reflective coatings in the tube take light from the sun outside and bring it into your room. They can give any room in your house the nice, sunny feeling that comes with having wide open windows, without having cut a giant skylight into your roof or windows into your walls. You can even adjust the intensity of the light that comes into the room.

All that is required to install these lights is to make two small holes and then run the tubing between your roof and your room. They can save you money and also make your house greener by allowing you to shut off most of the lights in your house during the day. They can also be good for your health by giving your body more exposure to the sun's direct rays. This can help with conditions such as seasonal affective disorder that is brought on by decreased exposure to the sun's rays. In fact, lamps for SAD are based on simulating the rays of the sun.

Solar Powered Garden Lights

By far the most popular way to utilize the power of the sun is to use solar outdoor landscape lighting. Because all of the lights are outside, each light can have a solar panel attached to it that will collect energy from the sun to power the light late at night. There are many uses for garden light, it can be used to accent certain elements of your garden or provide practical light to illuminate your pathways and steps that might otherwise become hazards.

Since outdoor solar patio lights all have a solar panel attached to them, all that is required to install them is to stick them in the ground and forget about them. They will automatically charge up during the way using the sun and then turn on automatically at night. In addition to being very easy to install, these lights are also generally the cheapest way to brighten up your yard.

The only real downside of these lights is that if your yard or the area you want to have lit up is in shad for a large portion of the day, you might not be able to use solar power. The lights may not stay on all night or also might not burn as bright.

Solar Powered Security Light

Advances in solar have made solar security lights a viable alternative to conventional lighting as well. New batteries make sure that the light retains its power throughout the night and new LEDs light bulbs are a source of high intensity light for a relatively low amount of power. LEDs even last for up to fifteen years, so you almost never need to change your light!

Solar powered lights are a great way to brighten up your home and property without having to shell out large amounts of money for installation, wire running, and upkeep. They will also help your home become greener and reduce your carbon footprint. These advantages all make solar lights a great alternative to traditional lights.