Trying to figure out which surgery for weight loss to choose can be difficult. There are several kinds being done. This article will give you a brief overview of weight loss surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is the best known surgery for weight loss. There are several variations on this procedure. It can be performed either as an open or laparoscopic procedure. A small pouch is formed out of the top part of the stomach and the intestines are pulled up to meet the new stomach. This bypasses the main part of the stomach, the pyloric valve and some of the intestines. This weight loss surgery can cause an intolerance of fatty and sweet foods which is known as dumping syndrome. There can also be a problem with nutritional deficiencies.

The lap band procedure is a band that is positioned around the stomach. It is most often done as a laparoscopic surgery. This surgery for weight loss relies on restriction to lose weight, nothing is altered in the body. Adjustments to the fill in the band have to be done periodically. The band can cause complications such as slippage or erosion. This weight loss surgery can be reversed.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is becoming very popular as a weight loss surgery. It was originally part of another surgery for weight loss called the duodenal switch. Most of the time, it is performed as a laparoscopic procedure. A gastric sleeve relies on restricting what can be eaten by reducing the stomach size. The valve that exits the stomach is left in place and there is no rerouting. There is no issue with absorption problems in this weight loss surgery.

Another form of surgery for weight loss is the duodenal switch. As mentioned above, the first half is the gastric sleeve. The other half is to reroute the intestines. The duodenal switch is sometimes done in two stages. Some patients lose enough weight after the first stage to not need the second. The success of the ones who did not need the second half, prompted doctors to offer the vertical sleeve gastrectomy as a stand alone weight loss surgery.

These are currently the most common forms of surgery for weight loss being performed in the United States.