Four Most Common Types of Men's Wallets

Bifolds, Trifolds, Money Clips, and Credit Card Holders

Every man has a wallet, and it’s the one item that stays on your person all day, every day. Different men have varying preferences on what type and style of wallet they like to carry their IDs, cards and cash in. There are the minimalists who like a thin billfold that only holds the bare necessities. On the other hand, there are those who prefer a thick wallet that holds everything from expired gift cards to last year’s recipes. When buying a men’s wallet, there are four basic options available:

The Bifold


Thin, minimal and stylish, the bifold opens into two panels and is wide enough to hold dollar bills. It typically has several slots for credit cards and sometimes contains a plastic window to put your driver’s license behind. For those who dislike the feeling of a large bulge in their back pocket, a bifold is your best bet.


The Trifold

TrifoldIf a bifold simply isn’t enough to carry everything you need, check out the trifold. Folding out into three panels, the trifold has at least twice as many card holding slots as the bifold, and it almost always has a clear covered space for identification cards. Be careful not to overfill your trifold, as it can make sitting down uncomfortable.

The Credit Card Holder

Credit Card Holder

If you only carry plastic or want to keep your cards separate from your ID and cash, a credit card holder is ideal. It is just a small, unobtrusive case that holds about seven cards. It is so light and slim that you won’t even feel it in your pocket. Make sure it doesn’t slip out!

The Money Clip

Money ClipFinally, there is the money clip. Money clips are classy little devices that simply hold a wad of cash together for you. Some people also use them to hold credit cards, but they are traditionally designed to hold paper money. Of all four different types of men’s wallets, money clips are the only ones that can be considered “accessories”. If you are looking for something classy, minimal and timeless, buy yourself a money clip.

Now you know what's available in terms of men's wallets. Go out and find the perfect wallet for you!