Those who make a living welding, fabrication specialists, farmers, and those who work in the auto body repair industry all use welders to make a living. Types of welding equipment these professionals find necessary to complete a project safely with a quality results vary by project and the material present in that project.

MIG Welding

MIG welders, especially those implementing Diamond Core Technology, are often a first-choice for a wide range of applications as they provide a broad output range with a premium arc.

Basic supplies often required for MIG welding include:

1. Liquid, spray and/or gel anti-splatter products
2. Adjustable necks that include diffuser springs
3. Gas regulators
4. MIG contact tips and nozzle gel
5. Argon and CO2 disposable gas canisters
6. Basic welding pliers
7. Wheel kits
8. Welding pliers

TIG Welding

Tungsten arc welding, especially involving metals such as aluminium, often utilise TIG welders. Shipbuilders, piping professionals, and those within the motor sports and automotive industry most commonly use TIG welders.

Basic welding accessories required for TIG welding include:

1. A TIG torch
2. A trolley
3. An inverter pulse box
4. A foot control

In the high-end specialty realm, plasma cutters are best for swift weld-cuts through conductive materials. Different models of plasma cutters are required depending on the material being worked on and the thickness of that material.

Safety Equipment and Accessories for Welders

Welding can be dangerous if undertaken without the proper safety equipment. All welders, not just those within the industrial field, should consistently maintain stringent safety standards when welding both to protect themselves and surrounding structures from injury or fire.

Basic proper welding safety accessories include:

1. A leather apron and cap
2. Welding goggles
3. Welding gloves and gauntlets (preferably Kevlar)

In applications where sparks created by the welding process may pose a hazard, such as within oil refineries, petrochemical plants, or shipyards, welding blankets made of Kevlar or fibreglass should also be implemented as a safety precaution.

A quality welding supply dealer can provide everyone from the do-it-yourself welder to the career professional with the proper accessories and safety gear for any welding application to get the job done properly and safely with quality results.