If you're interested in the many different types of wholesalers or the wholesaler that might be nearest you, then you don't have much further to look. For one, it's fairly simple to figure out which type of seller belongs to which category, once you get a good look-see at how their business is run. Secondly, you don't have to worry about silly little things like whether or not this will affect the business if you know it—it will just change your view on it and how you percieve it! 


Specialty mayoristas (wholesalers in Spanish) is the one that you go to when you not only want a pair of shoes—but you want someone that can recommend their favorites, tell you which are best for sprinting, for running, and for light jogs or walking, and help you figure out if you have flat feet. Needless to say, these are stores that sell a specific line of products—but they also know what they're talking about. It's not like when you go to a certain store, ask for a product, and they look at you funny wondering what precisely you mean—they actually genuinely have an idea and care about what you need! These are one of the favorite wholesalers of many customers! 


Merchant wholesalers have a big job—and that's mainly buying products and then distributing/selling them. Essentially, they buy things...and then sell them again to other customers. Now, most of the time, these are stores that sell a little bit of everything. However, it is possible for this type of wholesaler to be a specialty shop or something that is extremely similar. It's up to you what you really want to buy, but keep in mind that if you want your merchant wholesaler to stay in stock, you have to help support them! 


A  mail order distribuidores mayoristas (wholesale distributors in Spanish) is pretty great if you live in a different state or country or if you just want something that you can't buy in stores. These are also favorites since they take so much hassle out of shopping elsewhere, especially if you have something that you really, really need and you aren't sure how to get it. There are hundreds if not thousands of mail order wholesalers that you can choose from. Now, this can mean several things for you. It can mean that you can either buy absolutely anything that you have in mind, regardless of what it is...


These are just three of the main, most important wholesalers that you can possibly think of. Now, there are several more that are kicking around as well—who know, maybe there was an unknown wholesaler that you've been looking over and considering looking into further that wasn't listed—don't hesitate to keep checking it out! There are plenty of ways to get the goods that you're looking for—and the first thign to do is to check each type of seller out! What are your favorite sellers and what do you plan on doing in order to check out these wholesalers?