Wine is a type of alcohol, which is made from fermented grapes and other fruits. It is made by natural chemical reaction where yeast consumes the sugar particles in the fruit and converts them into alcohol. Based on the type of grape fruit and yeast that combines, there are various kinds of wine. Some of the top ten types of wine are Red wine, Italian wine, White wine, Rose wines, Sparkling wines, Dessert wines, Fortified wines, Ice wines, Fruit wines, Hard Ciders and Meads.

Red wineRed wineCredit:

This type of wine is made from dark colored grape fruits. Based upon the age of the wine, the color may vary from dark violet to brown through red. Young wines are violet in color while the old ones are brown in color. The mature wine is red in color and it is the most preferred over the other types. Red wine is produced by extracting the color and flavor from the skin of grapes. Red wine has certain health benefits which makes it a good choice of drink. Drinking red wine in optimum quantity can prevent cancer, improves the condition of heart and also prevents tooth decay. It is also believed that, drinking red wine gives good complexion and tone to the skin. The average cost of good quality red wine is $20 to $30.

Italian wineItalianCredit:

Italy is the world's largest producer of wine. It is one of the oldest country which produces wine in large quantities. Italian wine is famous for its taste and flavor. The high quality of these wines makes them very famous in the international market. Italian wines are classified into two types namely, Rosso and Bianco.  Most of the Italian wines are dry and medium boiled. These are rich in anti-oxidants and have certain other health benefits. The average price of Italian wine is about 10$ but higher quality can be over $100.

White wineWhite wineCredit:

Although the name of this wine is white, it is generally yellow in color. It can be straw yellow, yellow green or golden yellow in color. It is made of the skin or juice of the grape fruit. White wines are light and refreshing and are consumed with light meals. Both the taste and style of white wine is elegant and are ideal during summer as well as spring seasons. White wine helps you to get slim and also good for your heart. The average price of white wine is about $10-$15 on the low end with prices of $50-$100 for quality white wine.

Rose wineRose wineCredit:

Rose wine, also called as Rosado in Portugal is a type of wine that is extracted from the skin of grapes. Although it is manufactured the same way as the red wine, it is different from it. It is considered as the oldest of all the wines. The color of this wine may vary from pale orange to purple, depending upon the type of grapes used to manufacture it. Mild consumption of rose wines thins the blood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also decreases the possibility of a stroke. The average price of rose wine is around $10-$20.

Sparkling winesparkling wineCredit:

The sparkling wines have higher levels of carbon dioxide when compared to the other wines, which makes it look fizzy. It is generally white or rose in color. Champagne is one of the best examples for this type of wine. Sparkling wines are generally used in parties to celebrate a good occasion. Drinking sparkling wines in mild levels can reduce the risk of arterial disease. The average price of Sparkling wine is around 13$. Higher end Champagne can be very expensive.

Dessert wineDessert wineCredit:

These are also called as sweet wines and are served along with desserts. It is a sweet drink, which can be consumed along with the meal. Dessert wines contain more than 14% of alcohol and are taxed heavily in some countries. Drinking mild amounts of Dessert wines can help the circulatory system of the body and also reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes. The average price of Dessert wine is around $25 to $30.

Fortified winesFortified wineCredit:

Fortified wines are wines which to which beverages such as brandy are added. It is simple wine to which spirit is added. It contains more than 17.5% alcohol. It is one of the oldest forms of wines dating back to the 3rd century A.D. It is generally known for its taste and aroma. The main health benefit of Fortified wine is Resveratrol. It fights several skin diseases caused by fungi and other germs. It also helps in repairing the damaged cell of the skin. Cheap fortified wines are available for as low as $5 whereas at the higher end, fortified wines can be more than $100.

Ice wineice wineCredit:

It is a type of Dessert wine, which are produced from grape fruits that are frozen while they are still in the vineyard. It is more concentrated and sweeter when compared to the Dessert wines. It is manufactured from very healthy grapes which are very good in shape. They are characterized by their acidic nature. It is obtained from 100% grape juice and contains high nutritional value substances such as iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, selenium and calcium etc. The average price of ice wine is $45.

Fruit wineFruit wineCredit:

Wines which are made from fruits other than grapes are called as fruit wines. Fruits such as apple, pomegranate and elderberry are used in the manufacture of fruit wines. Fruit wines are rich in flavonoids. This helps in reducing the risk of cancer. It also helps to improve the cardiovascular condition of your body. Average price of fruit wine is around $13.

Hard Cider and MeadsHard CiderCredit:

In most of the countries ciders are considered as apple wines. Sugar or extra fruits are added to the cider to increase the alcohol content. It has various health benefits which includes weight loss, fights cancer and reduce cholesterol levels. The average price of Cider is around $15. I know people that can make it a lot cheaper. 

Meads are also called as honey wines, which are manufactured by fermenting honey and water. The alcohol content of honey wines range from 8 to 18%. Meads have similar health benefits of white wine due to the antioxidant property of honey. It helps you to get slim and also good for your heart. Average price of Meads is around $30.

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