Nowadays it seems that even modern medicine is not enough to cure all of our ailments. Is it the side effects from the drugs and procedures, that are making more people turn to an alternative therapy rather than to opt for conventional medicine?

So what is alternative medicine? Simply put it is used instead of conventional medicine. For example, a conventional doctor may recommend radiation and chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer. An alternative therapy, to this would be consuming a special diet to treat the cancer. Some types of alternative medicine include acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, chiropractic medicine and shiatsu.

Acupuncture involves inserting sterile needles into the acupuncture points of the body. This is an Asian therapy that is used to adjust the energy of the body. Once the needles are placed in the body, it is gently twirled or pumped. The latest technology uses an electric or even a laser for further stimulation. Acupunture is commonly used to treat severe headaches. The trained therapist will place the needle between the thumb and palm of the patient's hands. The needle will be stimulated to relief the headache pain.

It was not until recently, that the United States medical community, recognized massage as an alternative therapy. Massage therapy is definitely not a new concept, in fact the European and Swedish philosophies believe that, massage therapy encourages drainage of the lymphatic system and thereby increasing circulation to tissues of the body.

Hypnosis is a psychological therapy that is practiced by a qualified practitioner. The therapist will place the patient in a trancelike state, which closely resembles someone sleeping. During this stage, the patient will be asked to follow some acceptable suggestions. Many times this type of therapy is used for relaxation and pain relief. Hypnosis, is now also gaining popularity as a means of weight loss.

Chiropratice medicine is based on the nervous system. The understanding here is that the nervous system is the foundation of health and any insult or injury to the nervous system will cause pain and disease. The chief emphasis is on correct alignment of the spine.

Shiatsu, is another for of Asian therapy originating in Japan. In Japanese shi means finger and atsu means pressure. This therapy is usually done on a mat on the floor. A qualified therapist will apply pressure to the acupoints using the fingertips, knuckles, elbows, knees and sometimes even the feet.

If you choose to use an alternative therapy be sure to tell your physician, as some types of alternative medicine might not be suitable for the condition that you may have.