Motorcycle accidents are just like other types of traffic accidents, but they can be more fatal compared to the others because the body of a rider is not enclosed or protected by a metal box. This means his body can be easily damaged when the motorcycle collides with another vehicle or any stationary object. In addition, he can also be ejected from the vehicle upon impact, causing him to sustain serious or fatal injuries.

Because motorcycle riding is considered as a dangerous activity, you should take precautionary steps just to protect yourself while traveling. One of the most effective ways on how you can avoid being involved in an accident is by keeping a wary eye while on the roads. You should remember that accidents can happen if you failed to avoid road hazards because you are only using a two-wheeled vehicle, which is harder to control compared to cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Here are different types of road hazards that can cause a motorcycle accident:

  • Pedestrians- People, especially children, who do not use marked crosswalks pose a serious threat to motorcyclists. Children should always be supervised by an adult so that they will not suddenly go in the middle of the road and become a source of distraction to motorists.
  • Animals- Even an animal can cause you to wander off your intended path or to suddenly lose your balance. Remember, animals like cats or dogs that suddenly run towards the middle of the road may not be noticed right away. When you encounter an animal, you will likely swerve just to avoid hitting it. However, this move will put you in extreme danger. There is a possibility that you will get hit by larger vehicles that are moving in the lane where you transferred in.
  • Edge breaks- Edge brakes are found when two traffic lanes do not have the same height. They may not be dangerous for car drivers, but can cause problems to motorcyclists who are speeding along freeways.
  • Ice and snow- When the road is slippery, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of accidents compared to car drivers. As mentioned earlier, motorcycles only have two-wheels, making it unstable compared to four-wheeled vehicles. You can easily lose control of the vehicle while traveling on slippery roads, especially if you are turning or switching lanes.

  • Debris- Objects that are found on the road like rocks, tree branches, or tire treads are dangerous for motorcyclists. Debris on the ground can cause you to lose control of the motorcycle while other objects can hit and seriously injured you.

For more questions about the causes of motorcycle accidents, do not hesitate to call a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.