Motorcyclists are susceptible to serious or fatal injuries when they are involved in an accident. Since the vehicle that they are using provides them with little and insufficient protection, they should do everything that they can in order to protect themselves from possible harm whenever they are traveling.

As mentioned in the first article; Types or Road Hazards that can Cause Motorcycle Accidents (Part 1); keeping a proper lookout may enable you to spare yourself from motorcycle accidents. If you were able to immediately see road hazards, you will likely have enough time to avoid hitting or running over them.

Aside from pedestrians, animals, edge breaks, ice and snow, and debris, here are other types of road hazards that drivers should watch out for:

  • Gravel on the pavement- It prohibits you from having full control of your vehicle; especially if you encounter it while cornering.
  • Expansion joints- They are used to connect road sections and enable roads to contract or expand without cracking. However, an uneven surface can become slippery when it is snowing or raining.
  • Railway track- The tires of your motorcycle can get trapped in the railroad track, causing you to lose your balance.

Meanwhile, here are other ways on how you can prevent being involved in a motorcycle accidents caused by road hazards:

  • Avoid traveling when there is heavy traffic- It is safer to travel when there is light traffic. If the road is not occupied by many vehicles, you will have more room to navigate your motorcycle when you are trying to avoid rood hazards.
  • Know your escape routes- Whenever you are traveling, you should think of possible ways on how you can avoid hitting or running over road hazards. In addition, you should also know how you can save yourself when facing sudden dangers.
  • Know the different objects that you should avoid- Some motorcyclists are unable to protect themselves from accidents because they do not even know what road hazards are. If you want to avoid being involved in an accident, you should know the different hazards that you will likely encounter while traveling. You should not be complacent just because you have been riding for several years.
  • Avoid traveling when it is raining- It is advisable that you wait for the rain to stop before you travel. Remember, slippery roads can make it harder for you to control the motorcycle. In addition, you may not be able to see the vehicles that are near you during this time.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a road hazard, you can determine who may be liable for your injuries by seeking legal help from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.