How UCAS Clearing Works

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So the results are out and your grade wasn't good enough to be accepted in the university or college that you applied to. Before you shatter your dreams of getting higher education, there is still hope - the UCAS Clearing Application. This is a last-minute way of filling the empty slots of colleges or universities before the course formally begins and runs from July to September.


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Students that haven’t confirmed any university or college on time, haven’t received any offers, and haven’t met the grade requirement of the university are eligible to go through the UCAS clearing application. Further information about a specific situation concerning clearing can also be attained by calling UCAS. The Confirmation letter will conclude your exciting search for a university or college. After all the effort that you have done, take a moment to breath and celebrate. After all, this is only the beginning. You haven’t even stepped into university life yet. 

The Application Process

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1. UCAS send the clearing forms to students qualified for clearing. A leaflet that will serve as a guide for the process and other information sources.

2. The applicant has to complete the form.

3.  Look for universities or colleges that have slots available. The list can be found in the UCAS website or the media.

4.  Call the colleges or universities that have vacancies and talk to them about your interest for a clearance application.

5.  You may be asked to hand in the Clearance form to the university of your choice. This is a good sign as they may make an offer.

6.  After considering all offers you have, confirm your choice with UCAS. Once the university accepts you, you will receive a confirmation letter. 

Tips for a successful UCAS Clearing Application

Don’t panic and be open-minded

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    It’s normal not to feel good the first moments you received the not so good news that you didn’t qualify for your dream school. But don’t dwell on that emotion because things happen for a reason so start considering your other course options that may even be better for you.

    Be ready to get a call

      Be sure that you are available when someone calls you for an interview. This is you last chance in getting to a university so you have to plan your vacation so it doesn’t fall on the clearing time-frame.

      Reevaluate yourself


        Think of other interests that you have which may turn out as a better choice for a course. Consider the other interesting activities that are in one of your prospect schools and motivate yourself.

        Prepare questions

          When you get a call from the admission tutor or the university, it is good if you are ready with the right question and anything else that you may want to express then take down notes.

          Don’t rush but don’t delay

            Take your time in deciding which course to choose but not too much time. The vacancies get filled up right away so the later you come up with the decision, the lesser your choices will be.