Find an Address at the University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles is situated in the beautiful area of West LA.  With Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica at its doorstep, it is no wonder that UCLA has been mentioned as one of the top university locations in the world.  However, much like the complex Los Angeles freeway system, it can be difficult to maneuver the various buildings and addresses within the school.  Whether you are a prospective student, current student, parent, alumni, or visitor, addresses and directions can be difficult to find.  Below is a collection of some of the most popular UCLA addresses.

The main UCLA address is a generic address used to locate the university campus and send mail to the main office, however if you are looking to contact a specific department it might be useful to know the Admissions or Registrar’s address (for sending transcripts).

Main Address

405 Hilgard Avenue, Box 951405
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405

Admission Office

1147 Murphy Hall
Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436

Registrar's Office

Attn: (Academic or Verification) Transcripts
1105 Murphy Hall
Box 951429
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1429

UCLA offers guaranteed housing to first- and second-year students. Juniors and seniors are often able to receive student housing in the dorms as well.  If you are looking to send a letter, package, or visit the dorms, here are the addresses that will be most useful.

Dykstra Hall/De Neve Plaza
351 Charles Young Drive West
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1314

Hedrick Hall/Hedrick Summit/Hitch Suites
250 De Neve Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1315

Sproul Hall/Sunset Village
350 De Neve Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1387

The University of California, Los Angeles excels in both undergraduate and graduate studies.  Here are a list of some of the addresses for the graduate schools.

Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481

UCLA School of Law
385 Charles E Young Drive East
Los Angeles, CA 90095

UCLA houses part of the UC Libray system, the second largest collection of books in the United States.  It is only second to the Library of Congress.  There are university libraries spread out across the UCLA campus for study, research, and even recreational reading.   You may use the addresses below to locate a specific university library.

College Library (Powell)
Box 951450, Powell Library Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1450

Charles E. Young Research Library
Box 951575, A1785 Charles E. Young Research Library
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575

As frustrating as Los Angeles traffic can be, finding a UCLA address should not be.