Are Aliens real? Are UFO's extra-terrestial flying vehicles? In the course of this article, we will explore these questions and hopefully by the end have a clear answer. Since the supposed "roswell" incident in 1947 there have been numerous encounters with ET's. I believe that almost 95% of these incidents are hoaxes, explainable by convential means, and or sightings of U.S. military craft. But, what about the other 5% there is a clear consensus in my mind that NOT every sighting is a hoax. Some might have an origin beyond this world.

So why would UFO's and ET's be visiting Earth. Are they coming to conquer us, to experiment on us, to mine our resources? No one really knows, but if ET's are visiting Earth it is a cause for concern. Many of the UFO sightings have been over highly secret U.S. bases such as Area 51, our atomic stockpiles, and air bases. While some of these sightings are most definately U.S. experimental craft, some are not. Some of these sightings even come from U.S. Air Force Pilots and Commercial Airline pilots.

One notable UFO case that I have become aquainted with is the Kecksburg incident in 1965. The prelude to this incident is that thousands of U.S. witnesses across six states saw a giant fireball make a controlled landing outside of Kecksburg, PA. What is known is that the U.S. Army sent in Army units. Depending on what source you want to believe it was either in a very limited capacity or a massive capacity. To this day the U.S. government states that the Kecksburg object was a meteor, some believe it to have been debries from a Soviet satellite, others on the fringe believe it to be a UFO. What is clear is that there was an Army presence. Many believe that an object was recovered and hauled off in un-marked Army trucks. I believe that there was something recovered there. It could have been an above-top-secret U.S. experimental craft. You have to understand that in 1965 the U.S. was gearing up for a space misison, a mission to the moon. During this period there were thousands of strange rocket devices that were tested. The object could have even been a Soviet Satellite. This was a period of cover-ups, and the space race.

Although there is significant evidence to believe that the object that fell from the sky in 1965 was of ET origin and that there was a military cover-up, I am not sure that i buy this story 100%. I think a cover-up did occur, but of what, I do know know.

alien 2

Another interesting story is that of Alien abductions. Many during the period between 1947-2010 have experienced "alien" abductions. Many people have claimed that they have been taken aboard space crafts and experimented on by ET's. Everything from our vital origins to our mental powers have supposidly been tested. If these cases are true then I believe we are in siginificant trouble as a species. Whateve we are dealing with knows our military power and the complete genetic make up of our species. We know nothing about them. What is clear is that the ET's possess massive technological superiority over us. They can penetrate our airspace, out fly our fastest jets, and outmatch our best weapons. They have the power to wipe our minds and abduct us while we sleep. IF these stories are true we are powerless against them. So why not act? It has been over fifty years since the first reported UFO incident at Roswell. Surely in the past fifty years the ET's have amassed enough information on our world to have conquered us. Or are they planning something more insidious? Maybe they are monitoring our development as a power. UFO's only began to appear after we built the first atomic bombs. Maybe they are monitoring us to make sure that we don't destroy the world, maybe they will intervene if we attempt to do so.

For now whether you believe in UFO's and ET's or not something is amiss. There are too many sightings and stories to rule them all out as hoaxes. Something is going on and we have to figure it out, before it is too late.