Aliens, Real or Not?

In everyone's life the question concerning life beyond Earth is analyzed.  Usually something like this could be concluded with a photo, however today's photo editing software removes these credibilities.  Additionally the content on photo and video, that is credible, usually does not gain the proper attention it deserves (like the Phoenix, AZ incident).  Today, the strongest reinforcement to a mysterious claim are mass eye-witness accounts or pure physical evidence.  Extraterrestrial  encounters with more than fifty witnesses are difficult to come by and, when they do happen, they do not gain the proper public attention they should be entitled.  This article covers an incident where more than fifty people witnessed a UFO landing involving aliens.

UFO(49705)Credit: Thanks to @ Stranger @ flickr for image

On September 16, 1994 in Ruwa Zimbabwe, the day began as a normally at Ariel school.  The school is located in a relatively rural with little exposure to the outside world.  That day when recess came; the school's sixty-two students, aged five to twelve, went onto the premises to play.  During this time, however, something described as "scary" and "dream-like" happened.  While playing on school grounds, all sixty-two students saw what they described as several objects landing with two beings exiting.  Reportedly, one hovering large object accompanied by several smaller hovering objects descended to field near the children where two beings exited the craft.  The children were all horrified at this un-earthly experience and all retreated to their teachers.  At first, the teachers felt the children had seen something but were convinced it was not extraterrestrial.   After a follow-up interview of the students, however, the teachers realized this experience was of supernatural nature.  The students draw and give accurate reports of what the West imagines aliens and UFOs to be.  Even more surprising was that the students had very little exposure to the UFO/alien hype, further solidifying the credibility and reality of this situation.

In all the student interviews, two things were repeated, the most repeated details were the report of hearing a "scary noise", like a flute, and the being's were definitely not human and had pointy black eyes.  Such a broad consensus provided an eerie victory for the alien advocate, but does this incident create more questions than answers?  This encounter surprisingly seems to provide more answers because the witness' reports were very similar to the majority of UFO/alien sightings in the world.  Therefore, we can conclude that, if this event happened, it is similar to what others around the world are experiencing.  Still critics feel follow-up interviews of the students should be conducted to see if there are any changes in their stories.

Due to scarce publicity on this event, the children have not had a follow-up interview since the incident.  However, John E. Mack plans to make a documentary on this event where he will go and interview all the students in their adult life.  In conclusion; with more stories like this, we will be able to draw the line between fact and fiction in the mystery of extraterrestrial life.