Ever watched British Comedian Eddie Izzard on TV? If you have, he is bound to have made a lasting impression on you. Love him or loathe him, Izzard is a distinctive comedian.

Eddie Izzard

In recent years, Eddie has gone global and he is now famous around the world. Who would have thought, when they first saw Eddie perform years ago, that this was possible?

Eddie was born in 1962 in Aden, which is the Yemen. His British parents both worked in Aden at the time. Eddie's family moved briefly to Ireland but, when he was six, his Mother died. This meant a further move for Eddie and his brother. This time it was to Bexhill on Sea, I believe, which is a tiny coastal resort on the south east coast of England.

Those early years of moving about must have stood Eddie in good stead for the career to come.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Eddie performed his comedy in unusual venues. He is one of those people who you would say, could talk for England, which is perfect for a comedian. Eddie rambles on about all and sundry, without the listener realising that much of his talking is a well-crafted script.

I first watched Eddie perform on British television some years ago, dressed as a female. Well, almost as a female. He still wore essentially men's clothes but had high-heeled stilettos on his feet and more make up than Joan Rivers. I instantly loved his comedy. Hubby was not so keen but perhaps that was because he could not see beyond the transvestite surface.

In the mid 90's Eddie's comedy career looked set to go places. He was gathering a huge fan base and diversifying a little.

His stand up shows were, and still are, simply awesome.

Eddie began to be seen on British television more often and appeared in many charity shows. As a versatile performer, Eddie can utilise the voice of James Mason and Sean Connery for his biblical characters. He does these voices so well.

Eddie appeared on the New York stage but did not instantly achieve stardom in America. This took a little longer. Eddie's, Dress To Kill, show arrived in America and as they say the rest is history.

Personally, I would say that there is nothing offensive in an Eddie Izzard show, but it depends where you stand on bad language. Eddie has been known to cuss frequently during his shows.

With roles in films such as Ocean's Twelve and Valkyrie Eddie's acting career took off.

Eddie in Valkyrie

In late 2009, the UK showed a two-part drama, a re-make of the Day of the Triffids and Eddie was cast in the role of the villain. I watched and enjoyed this mini series.

Eddie running those marathons for Sport Relief

Also in 2009, Eddie completed a new project, which was to help many. Despite the obvious pain he was in at times Eddie completed thirty marathons in thirty days, with the proceeds raised going to Sport Relief. The publicity alone for this charity, will have been priceless.

For me, Eddie Izzard is one of the best modern day comedians and I, for one, hope we Brits do not lose him entirely to the USA.