Harry Hill in usual modeHarry Hill's rise in popularity has been swift. Well it has as far as television audiences are concerned.

Harry was born Matthew Keith Hall, in Woking Surrey, in 1964. Harry had a career before becoming a comedian. He was a doctor. In many ways, this must have been a perfect grounding for comedy. Such occupations have their funny side. Without this, most people would find their work far too mentally draining.

Harry's first television work was for Channel 4. His madcap comedy soon attracted a core fan base. However, Harry's humour is so bizarre that he is not popular with all viewers. Still that is comedy. It is very much a one man's meat is another man's poison. The Harry Hill show was aired on Channel 4 from 1997.

Harry is a distinctive looking comedian. He is just about bald, wears over sized spectacles on stage and wears a suit with a ridiculously high collar. There is definitely no mistaking Harry Hill on stage. His voice and stage presence is also very individualistic.

These days Harry is more often seen on ITV with his wacky show Harry Hill's TV Burp. This show selects small sections of the week's news and programs and, with clever editing, manages to ridicule any subject going. The show has so much more though. With selected guests and silly scenarios, the comedy is farcical and very funny.

Harry is now, also, the voice behind the crazy films on the UKS version of You've Been Framed. His voice and humour suit this show perfectly. Both of these shows mean that Harry Hill is ever present on our television screens, especially on a Saturday evening.

The early evening slots of Burp and Framed also mean that Harry is a firm favourite with viewers of all ages. His TV comedy is never offensive or adult themed just silly but fun.

Perhaps this is why Harry's children's show, Shark Infested Custard, became so popular. Shown on Children's TV from 2005 it was a firm favourite with kids.

The 21st Century has seen Hill entering the literary world. With five books under his belt, Harry looks set to have as much success in literature as he has had in comedy. It seems that currently Harry Hill is unstoppable. Harry now even has his own brand of Fair-trade Nuts called Harry's Nuts. This is hardly surprising as Harry has been an active participant in events such as Comic Relief.

Harry Hill has received many awards in the last few years and looks set for a long-standing career. Of course, the British public, just like every other country's public, can be very fickle.

Harry's diversity though should mean that he is kept busy.

Harry Hill's Books are:-

  • Tim The Tiny Horse
  • Tim The Tiny Horse at Large
  • The Further Adventures of the Queen Mum
  • Flight From Deathrow
  • Harry Hill's TV Burp Book
  • Harry Hill's Whopping Great Joke Book