There are a lot of small scale UK electricity companies that specialise in helping you to provide green electricity for yourself. The solutions they provide do not include fossil fuel sourced electricity, but small scale electricity generated using renewable resources. Some of these specialise in tidal power, some are great solar powerproviders, some of them are good generators of hydro energy through waves and other means, and some are efficient wind powercrafters.

Enviko Renewable Solutions

This company provides you a range of renewable green electricity sources ranging from solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, and hydro energy. Having a range of green electricity generation techniques means that your generation capacity would be more consistent.

Gilkes Hydro Power Systems

A small-scale hydro power producing company, Gilkes Hydro Power System, specialises in efficient hydro power installation, operation, maintenance, and overhauls. They can help you to set up your own micro generating capacity for true independence, ideal for companies wanting to control their energy costs.

Element Engineering

A UK pioneer in wind powerharnessing, Element Engineering produces one of the most cost effective wind energy solutions in the outskirts of Scotland. Due to technical reasons and the fact that they are reportedly young to expand themselves, they provide micro-generating services only in Scotland and the exteriors. They specialise in roof systems but no longer consider small-scale domestic installations. If you have a community project in Scotland, they would be happy to assist you with a wind powerproject.

NHT Engineering

Another small-scale hydropower company in UK, NHT Engineering specialises in Pelton Pump turbines and provides small scale hydro energy on a domestic and commercial scale. They can install, operate, and maintain your pump devices and have considerable experience in harnessing water resources effectively.

Parsec Consulting Engineers

When it comes to designing powerefficient buildings and making the most of natural energy available, Parsec Consulting Engineers are the chief providers of green energy systems in the UK. They design proper buildings that are very efficient in terms of powerconsumption and do not need any other form of energy for heating and cooling purposes at all. Energy transmission through the roof, walls, and windows is massively reduced, making the constructions hugely powereffective.

Turbine Services

Turbine Services are a small-scale hydro electricity provider in UK. They provide cost effective water harnessing electricity solutions for domestic and commercial uses. They also install, repair, and maintain your pumps and fittings. Whether it is wind turbine energy generation or water turbine energy generation, if the poweroperation involves turbine use, they will be able to supply what you need.

Sustainable Installations

Finally, you have a green electricity company that prides itself in installing and making available several fixtures under the same roof. If you have considerable sunlight and wind in your locality and wish to tap them both into running your home, you could ask Sustainable Energy Installations to do the job for you. They specialise in solar fittings, thermal fittings, eco-friendly designs, wind turbines, and handle all types energy generating installations.

Eagle Power

If you want a tiny wind device put up on your roof which might run your ceiling fan, for instance, Eagle Power will provide you with a range of possible solutions. They also undertake commercial projects and have installed many wind turbines that are functioning really well all over UK.

 . . Going off-grid and sacking their electricity supplier is something many people have dreamed of for years. Micro-generation companies have the knowledge and experience you need to help you to achieve the dream. It is feasible especially with government grants and the generous feed-in tariff available for selling your surplus electricity back to the National Grid.