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 A back-end sale is a sale made to a person who is an existing customer of yours. Meaning that he already purchased a product from you. Back-end selling is the big secret to make more sales and to increase your profit margin. If you only put to use one thing in your online marketing techniques, let it be back-end selling. This is the heart of every successful online marketer's fortune. Actually, more like the "heartbeat" of every successful internet marketer cash stream.

 A front-end sale is the first product that you sell to somebody. The big money is in back-end selling. Think about this for a minute, Your customer is worried about:
   • Your product
   • Who you are
   • Your ordering system
   • If he will get scammed
   • If your product will deliver what is promised
   • If your product is worth the money
   • ...and more

  BUT when you have already sold the customer something, none of that is a factor. Once they order they now know:
   • Who you are
   • That they didn't get scammed by you.
   • Your ordering system was safe and easy to use.
   • Your product did deliver what was promised.
   • You are now a trusted company in which the customer will purchase from.

  What does all of this mean? It means that it is twice as easy to make a second sale, than it is to make the first sale. Once you have the second sale, it is even easier to make a third sale. You are now trusted by that customer to the extent he now knows that if he does place an order, none of those "caution signs" will come into play.This is of course saying that you do have a good product as the front end. And that you didn't scam anybody .

  You can back-end sell anything. Use experience to create another product similar to your front end product. Maybe go into extreme detail. Or maybe your front end product is a "How to Get Fit" 60 page manual then your backend product could be 4 audio tapes, a transcript, and workbook course that sells for 3 times as much as your manual.

 No matter what you are selling, whatever it is you need to setup a back-end selling process. If you do not have, or cannot create a backend product (although you most likely can), then you can join affiliate programs and backend those affiliate products that you are marketing. Or maybe you have an expensive product already. Use the techniques i have mention to create a small priced front end product for it will serve as a lead generator for your back-end selling.

 If you sold a $550 golf club, then you come out with a product on  "How to play golf" to sell for $750 which you will then set into your automatic back-end selling process. Your back-end product will cost more than your front end. You actually don't even have to make much money on the front end if you have good closing rates on your back-end product. As I said earlier, this is why some affiliate programs pay 60-70% commissions.

 Those affiliate program owners just want you to lead people into their "sales funnel" of back-end products. They pay you 70% of the product price so that they will have another customer to back-end a product to sell to and keep the 100% sales from the back-end to themselves alone.

This is just an example by the way. For each customer that orders from you, you will need to have your ordering system automatically add them to a mailing list that you can send a broadcast email to with personalized message. You also want them to be entered into a follow up autoresponder sequence to sell your back-end product.

 This can usually be done at the same time using a system called aweber is an automatic follow-up system that has list management features, and broadcast mailing features. This is perfect for back-end selling :). You can of course add the customer's email address and name to some sort of email list management program manually, but having it all automated would be best. Which ever way you go, just set it up to where you can email offers to all of your customers with the click of a button.

 Personalization in your back-end sales letters is important. You got their name and email when they ordered. Use it in the emails that you send them to sell your back-end product. This is powerful, and aweber does this as well. Don't dismiss back-end selling. As I said, you do not have to have your own product to back-end sell (although it would be best), you can back-end and sell affiliate program products that are related to you front end product. Just go to a directory like and search for programs related to your product.

 Setting Up Your Back-end Selling System is actually a lot easier than people think. If you have the right tools (software programs) you can easily install and configure the program with your sales page. in order to follow up with your prospective customers...