Alien Ambassador

Yesterday I became aware that the UN might be posed to create a position entitled 'Alien Ambassador' while this might seem fantastical, it might be real. The UN general committee does have a space committee. Mazlan Othman is an astro-physicist that works within in this committee. However, in a recent interview she denied that she will be the UN alien ambassador.

However, there is alot of news circulating that the UN might be posed to create an alien ambassador. This is because if aliens ever land then the UN will have a representative for the entire human race. This position will be the person who negotiates with an alien civilization on behalf of Earth. Yes, I know this might seem crazy and it probably is. But, even though Othman has denied that she is the first alien ambassador, there might be merit to the story.

Surely Earth needs a representative that will negotiate and meet with alien leaders if they ever come to Earth. As soon as they ask if we have a leader we can point them to the alien ambassador, the representative that will negotiate for the entire human race, if need be. I believe that in the coming years the UN will create a position such as this. Since, they are already talking about it, it doesn't seem strange that there is thought in the air about creating such a position. Even if the chance is 0.0001% that aliens will ever visit Earth, if we had a position such as this, this person could be the first representative to meet with the Aliens.

I don't know if the rumors are true or not. I do know that Othman has denied that she will fill this position and even denied that there is such a position in the talks. What is known is that she will address a committee in England next week about near Earth objects. And, that perhaps she will formally announce that she is the Alien ambassador at that assembly. I do believe that we need this position and am glad that there is talk about creating such a position. Hopefully in the coming years the UN will create an alien ambassador position.