In the modern world, we are always on the move. Every part of our lives seems to be on fast forward, rushing by really quickly. When we live in times like these, communicating with each other is essential. Communication though always comes at a cost. This does not have to be the case when you are using VoIP USB Internet phone. This type of phone uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to allow you to make phone calls over the Internet via broadband connection. This type of network is not only much more inexpensive to operate, it can also offer the user cheaper calls or even free calls.

Skype is a company which has taken the Internet by storm by enabling broadband users to not only send them receive calls via the Internet on their PC once they have an Internet connection, a fairly standard microphone, and some fairly simple speakers, this service also allows Skype customers to speak to each other via a USB Internet telephone. The best news is if you are using your Internet connection to speak with other Skype customers through the Skype to Skype connection, your calls are absolutely free. This holds true if you are speaking to a person down the block from you or on the other side of the world. You can also use Skype services to speak with people on cell phones and landline connections. There is a charge for this service but it is nowhere near as much as it would be by using your landline or cell phone.

There are many good USB Internet phones on the market. One of these is the US Robotics Internet USB phone with Skype. The phone offers you caller ID and pre-selectable ring tones. It will also display all the numbers that have left you a voicemail, it will store your last number dialed, and is an excellent addition to your Skype package. The only problems with this phone are that you cannot use it if you have a Mac. This US Robotics phone has a cord attached, although you can get the Bluetooth version which is much easier to use.

Another cheap USB Internet phone is the Ipevo free VoIP USB phone. This USB phone is designed exclusively for use with Skype technology. It works well with both PC and Mac; although the phone comes with no Mac driver you can visit the Ipevo website where you will find an OS X driver for download. For such a cheap phone, you will find that the sound quality is just as good as your landline connection. It is a bit larger than a regular cell phone but has quite a good balance. Although this phone is not wireless, the cable is fairly long.

I'm sure that over time the technology will make USB Internet phones into something which is much more like the standard landline phones that you have around your home. Most people will find their VoIP USB Internet phone a welcome addition to their communications apparatus. Cheap calls are great but free calls are absolutely fantastic.