A USB port repair can be tricky if you are not a computer whiz. Here are a few ways to do a USB port repair that I have found success with. I understand that USB problems and USB errors can be frustrating. This information should be helpful for those of you out there ready to do your own version of USB troubleshooting.
USB repair
A USB port repair that worked for me was updating my USB drivers. I have an older computer so my USB ports are not as up to date. I was kind of surprised to find a free USB driver update for my computer, but I did not complain. If you have a slightly older computer this USB port repair is something to look into.

Although it may seem drastic, you may want to completely uninstall your USB host controller. This process is not as difficult as it sounds. This USB port repair worked for me when I had a device that my USB port failed to recognize. I spent hours trying to fix my USB problem and I was relieved when updating my drivers and uninstalling my USB host controller worked. Here is how to do this USB port repair.


Go to your desktop, find the my computer icon (right click). Find properties and select hardware. Now choose device manager, drag down to USB controllers. Click on the little + sign next to universal serial bus controllers. Now find the universal host controller (right click). Choose the uninstall option.

It can be a little nervewracking to completely uninstall a USB host controller. I know I was nervous before I went through with this USB port repair. But it actually worked, now my USB port recognizes the device again.

If you update your USB drivers and that repairs your USB problems, you are all set. This USB port repair works when your USB drive will not recognize a device. Find as much information as you can about USB drivers. Taking advantage of a free USB driver update is a smart USB port repair.