Since laptop computers, or rather computer in general, have became so prevalent in our homes USB reading lights have became very popular. Yes, there was actually a time when everyone didn't have a computer, I know its hard to imagine haha. These lights have became popular for a variety of reasons. One of the main one seems to be based around their many different uses. There are many different reasons why one might want to buy a USB reading light.

If you are interesting buying a US reading light, then there are a few things you need to take into consideration. For example, how long do you want the neck to be and what do you plan on using it for? You may also need to consider your budget. If you are budget conscious, and I am sure that like me, you are as well, you should consider buying online. This has a lot of great advantages especially with computer related gear. Things are much cheaper online because they cut out one of the middle men and also on distribution costs. In order to further encourage you to buy online, they then often make great deals. This is one of the greatest win win situations in modern business. The company saves money when you buy online and they transfer a lot of those savings to you!

When you buy a USB reading light online, you will also have a lot more options. If you walk into a local store like office depot you will be lucky if they have more than one choice of light. When buying online you have a lot of choices on things like brand, size, and even other options like color and number of LEDs. On top of that, there are hundreds of reviews readily available which makes the choice between all of these products much easier.

It may not immediately strike you as useful. After all, why would you want to read a book when you are only a few feat away from your computer? This is a lot more useful than you might think and has many different uses you may not be thinking of. For example, one of the greatest uses I have found is to light up my keyboard whilst typing at night, or reading over papers while on the computer.

When I am writing at night, like I often do, I may have problems with seeing each key. While, its not hard to type without looking at the keyboard it can still be a huge pain. With a light, you can easily illuminate the entire keyboard and keep the light shining downward so it is very much so out of your eyes. This works great for desktop computers as well as laptops.

When I was often using a desktop, I found I would multi task often. You might have your computer open to a social networking site or email while you are reading a book or magazine. The light can illuminate the pages while you are next to the computer.

The best modern way of reading is with a E reader with an E-ink display. A USB light works perfect for these types of readers. E-ink doesn't allow you to see the pages at night, which is why they are so easy to read, so you need a reading light. Unfortunately the designs of these don't easily allow you to clip a light on. Instead, you can just plug a USB reading light into one of the USB ports and you have an instant reading light. You can then read at night without resorting to reading on your laptop.