According to USGS earthquake forecast, the United States will experience a number of earthquakes in the next few years which are expected to be more powerful than those felt in 1812. Illinois earthquake is being perceived as a start. So it would be wise to be prepared for any kind of disasters or earthquakes which is going to take place in coming years.

It's found that central United States has never experienced earthquakes in places like California and it is considered dangerous for the area. According to the scientists when the earth's plates travel on a regular basis the movements are said to relieve the tension among the plates. This puts a stop to major ground earthquakes and slippages. Geologists and scientists begin to worry when the plates of earth don't move at all.

When plates are not moving, they start pushing each other and this leads to major plate slippages. Unfortunately, it has been found that the New Madrid fault line has stayed silent and stopped moving in the recent months. This has made scientists and geologists think about alternate ways of dealing with it. It was estimated that the Madrid fault is likely to result in multiple earthquakes, which will take place in Central United States in the coming years. The scale is expected to be higher than the earthquakes that took place in 1811/12.

Earthquakes of New Madrid Fault

In 1811 of December, the earthquakes that occurred in the Mississippi valley are known as Missouri and New Madrid earthquakes. 5 earthquakes took place between December and February. These quakes caused much destruction and their impact was many times higher than the quakes that took place in San Francisco in 1906.

The first, second and fifth quakes had their epicenter Arkansas and the third and fourth quake in Missouri. All quakes were measured higher than 8 on the Richter scale. The destruction was less to the structures as it was mostly unoccupied by people, however the damage can still be seen on the earth's surface.

There was a huge destruction or damage on earth surface such as land slide, trees were bent, roots came out from the ground and trees branches were broken etc. The drawn area was filled with water from craterlets. The river formed giant waves that took over many crew members and their boats and many islands and sandbars got disappeared .The destruction of first earth quake stretched from Crowley's Ridge to Tennessee, Chickasaw Bluffs and from Illinois, Cairo, to Memphis, Tennessee. When aftershock started they even caused destruction to log cabins and chimneys and these cabins and chimneys were thrown away from New Madrid to further away to places like St.Louis Missouri, Cincinnati and other places like Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.

The Reel foot Lake in Tennessee was extended during the New Madrid quakes. Even in eastern Arkansas, Lake St. Francis rose by 8 to 9 m due to coal being evicted from fissures.