What better way to show your pride than to wear it on your sleeves, via any of the available United States Marine Corp or USMC tattoo designs? Members of the Marine Corps, as well as those who had the privilege of serving under its banner have traditionally tattooed this design on their arms in memory of their service. After all, serving as a US Marine is something to be proud of.

There are a lot of USMC tattoo designs that are available out there. Try going to a tattoo shop and browse through their catalog. You can also simply ask the tattoo artist to work up a USMC design for you, but be sure to tell him that you want something unique, and not something that's been lifted off a tattoo that he has previously done.

If you want more freedom in choosing the design, you can browse the Internet and you will find a host of USMC designs to choose from. The great thing about this particular design is that you can be very flexible with it. You can take some elements that you like from different USMC designs, and then mix and match them to form your very own design.

There are basically two most popular elements when it comes to USMC designs. The first is the insignia of the Marine Corps, which has a globe and an anchor. You can have this tattooed all by itself, or have this mixed with other related elements like a ship or a sail.

The other most popular element is the bulldog, which has been adopted by the Marines as their mascot. It is an interesting story how the bulldog made its way to the Marines. In World War I, it is said that the Marines fierceness in battle earned for them the nickname "Teufel Hunden," coined by the Germans and translated as "devil dog." The Marines capitalized on this in their recruitment posters following the war. Since then the bulldog has been a popular representation of the character of a Marine. And this is why you will find a lot of USMC tattoo designs that feature a bulldog.