UV Air Sanitizer

 Features Of UV Home Air Sanitizers:

If you regularly suffer from allergies, trouble breathing, asthma attacks, or any other issues with your lungs or general health, you may want to consider using a UV home air sanitizer or similar whole house air purifier.  Air and water are the two basic elements of life, and protecting each of them is essential to a happy and healthy body.  Until recently, the most popular method of purifying your air was with a tradition forced air system that filtered out particles with either a multi layered system, or a carbon filter.  This method was effective up to the point that the filter could no longer handle the amount of contaminants it was required to remove from the air.  Additionally, they were difficult to maintain and could be very expensive depending on the price of replacement filers.  

UV air sanitizers take a completely different approach to air purification.  Rather than attempt to block every single contaminant in the air, UV sanitizers simple destroy the microorganism and render it ineffective.  The approach is both much more sustainable, as well as much easier to maintain.  Rather than attempt to collect and dispose of harmful particles by purchasing expensive filters, by simply utilizing the sanitizing power of ultraviolet light, one can easily replace the old method of air purification.  

Benefits Of UV Air Sanitizers:

Kills Over 99% of Airborn Bacteria - Unlike traditional air purifiers which become less effective as their filters get clogged and over worked, UV air sanitizers kill over 99% of the bacteria that is causing your allergy and asthma attacks.  

Odor Fighting - UV air disinfectants also help to reduce the level of odors in the air.  Whether it be pet stains, tobacco, mildew or mold, ultraviolet light has the cleaning power to make your home smell fresh and clean.

Kills Mold - One of the ways UV air sanitizers fight mold and mildew smells is by actually stopping them at the source.  The UV rays of their special bulbs kill mold spores at a micro organic level.  

Quiet Operation - Wheres regular air purifiers use forced air induction with noisy fans to create air movement, UV air sanitizers operate with only a source of UV light.  Incredibly, even the smaller ultraviolet sanitizers are able to process over 1000 cubic feet of air per hour.  

Types Of UV Air Sanitizers:

Germ Guardian Outlet UV Air Sanitizer - Great for an extra boost in the bathroom or bedroom, the small “night light” sized UV air sanitizer packs a powerful punch.  A great addition to a larger system to help decrease odors and airborn particles in small spaces where regular air purification is oversized and inefficient.  

Germ Guardian UVC Tower Air Purifier - Great as a starter UV air sanitizer to test the effectiveness of UV sanitation on your particular allergy or symptom.  Place in the bedroom or living room to get all of the benefits including mold and mildew removal, odor neutralization, and air-born contaminate destruction.

If you are looking for the latest and more effective methods of sanitizing the air you breath, a UV air sanitizer may be the best thing for your allergies or lung sensitivity.  Used widely in hospitals, there is plenty of evidence to show their effectiveness.