If you need to either move a car or transport your household goods more likely than note you will use a rental equipment of some sort to help you do it unless you have access to a pickup truck or are a minimalist whose worldly possessions fit in a small car.

Perhaps more of us should be minimalists but since we aren't and there is a need for moving household goods from here to there it's good that there is a thriving equipment rental industry to help get the job done.

One of the top companies that comes to mind when you think of renting a moving truck, car dolly or small trailer is U Haul. The companies orange and white vehicles are a familiar sight on interstate highways across America and renting a unit is typically a simple process. Depending on your needs it can also be quite affordable.

You might assume that when you drive past a U Haul location the equipment you see on the lot is available to walk in and rent directly. This isn't always the case though so you'll need to plan ahead if you'd like to rent a car dolly, trailer or truck from a U Haul franchise in your area.

Usually what happens is you either call up or visit a rental office and tell them what dates you would like to use the equipment for. They have to look up availability in the U Haul scheduling website which shows what units are coming in and what units have already been reserved or are outgoing.

Usually they'll send your reservation request to the central scheduling folks and a representative will then get in contact with you anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours later. It may be a representative from the central office or it may be someone from the nearest U Haul location that has the equipment that fits your needs.

The process is a little bothersome at first especially if you expected to be able to just walk into a location and leave with a trailer or dolly (which may be possible in some situations) but if you understand how it works you'll be happier with the rental process than otherwise.

When you reserve a unit consider renting by the day (i.e a local rental) rather than a one way rental since it may be cheaper for you to rent by the day and more convenient to return to the same U Haul location from which you picked up the equipment. Returning equipment is usually quite easy and simply involved finding the correct return location you were assigned (if not the same as your pickup location) and dropping the trailer, truck or dolly off near the other equipment parked in the lot.