So this day is basically the “day” after my first night of assimilating into the Uberman sleep schedule. Technically, this is Day 1, but really, we’ll call it day two, and we’ll discuss what happened on Night 1. Consider this the method of my madness as we continue with these logs.

The List

I’ve decided that I need a very long list of things to do. Since I have tons of more time to do things, I need a planned list of things to do during this time. I obviously won’t be able to mentally process many things, so I’ll need to figure out what to do that will:

1.     Keep me awake.

2.     Keep me busy.

3.     Allow me to not have to think too much.

So I’ll need to put together a list of things I can do to stay awake, yet not require too much mental capacity, although I’m going to try to do some writing and see what I can get done. Here’s the list is not particular order.

  • Watch Some Movies
  • Write a Few Articles Online
  • Build up my Websites
  • Play Video Games
  • Listen to Interviews
  • Put Straps on Natalie’s Bike

2 am Nap

For the first nap of the night I felt that I actually did not even fall asleep, but I know that I did, and it was quite short. It was so short that I didn’t even feel like I slept. So I forced myself to wake back up and to stay up.

I must say that I could tell my body was very tired, but for all other reasons, my mind seemed clear and I felt like I received a little rest when I slept. I wasn’t as zombie-like as I thought I’d be. But we have a long way to go before I fully integrate this method to my lifestyle.

6 am Nap

Wow. After this nap I am feeling extremely tired and beat up. What happened was that I fell asleep within a 10 minutes, then woke up sometime after that by myself, and fell back asleep for a few more minutes until my alarm went off. I’m wondering if I would have stayed awake after I woke up the first time if I would feel better than I do right now. Next time we’ll try that. But as for right now, I just have to get through until the next nap. Aye! I am beginning to miss sleep very much.

My stomach doesn’t feel so good either. There’s a little pain in it. I’m also really cold. These are expected outcomes since I’ve experienced stomach pains in the past from staying up late or pulling an all-night. Being cold all of the time is no fun. Maybe I’ll stick a heater next to my work area.

It’s Sunday today and we’ll see how attentive I can be throughout the service.

10 am Nap

Okay, so the hardest part of it all so far has been the 6 -10 am span of time. I almost fell asleep a bunch of times. My body is completely sore, I’m constantly feeling chilly, and my head is fuzzy. I can’t seem to hold a thought for very long. It’s really a miserable existence at this point, but I keep looking forward to the day it feels 100% different.

The 10 am nap felt alright. I haven’t overslept yet, which I’m so thankful for. I was awake and alert during the Sunday service at our church, and afterwards, we came home and put our daughters down to sleep for their “rest time” and we watched a Wipeout episode. I actually felt that I didn’t really need to sleep once 2 pm came around, but I laid down anyways and fell asleep within 7 minutes.

2 pm Nap

I woke up 20 minutes later and actually felt worse. My body’s telling me not to get up, but to keep sleeping. This is where the intense re-training of my brain comes in. I have to keep this going so that I can know for sure how great this new life will be without sleeping 8 hours a night. And I have no doubt that I’ll push through and make it to the best part of polyphasic sleep. Most people drop out in the first week due to accidentally oversleeping or pure hatred of being tired all of the time. But there’s hope!

6 pm Nap

I know I’m not really hitting a solid REM sleep yet. I haven’t been dreaming and when I wake up I feel even more tired than when I went down. I’m so glad that that my body’s able to fall asleep within 10 minutes at the most though. This helps me time my naps just right. I’ve been putting my alarm about 25 minutes ahead of when I lay down, assuming it has been taking me only 5 minutes to pass out.


I’ve heard from others that have tried this that your diet has a lot to do with how well you feel. Vegetarians are known to need less sleep in general because of the fact that they don’t necessarily have to digest for as long as those who eat meat.

I’ve personally been following the Slow-Carb Diet that’s found in The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss (which also introduced me to Polyphasic Sleeping) and all I eat during the week is meat, beans, and vegetables. So I’m getting a lot of protein and meat. So far, I don’t think it’s had a huge impact on how I sleep. I’m still in the initiation period and you can never tell until you’re through it and have the freedom to experiment farther. My last nap for this day is the 10 pm nap and I’m already looking forward to it.

That’s funny because every time it gets closer to a nap time I become more and more awake because of my excitement to sleep, albeit for only 20 minutes.

I also have noticed that I “feel” that I’m sleeping all of the time, even though it’s only 2 hours per day. I keep going back to the same little futon to sleep and it’s the quantity that makes me feel like I spend more time there than anywhere else. But that’s okay, cause I know the truth. ;)

10 pm Nap

This nap was alright. Wish this transition period was over already. This is difficult.

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